Founded in July 2020, the Centre Arts, Crafts and Sports Centreis the secondary organization under the university’s management. It is responsible for teaching the courses of sports, art and labor education of the university, organizes and participates in various group competitions at all levels, as well as the organization of related activities of the university. The Centre consists of the administration office, the teaching and research department of public sports education, the teaching and research department of art education, and the teaching and research department of labor education. This Centre currently has 32 faculty members, including 27 full-time teachers, whom are composed of 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 10 lecturers and 8 teaching assistants. There are 3 teachers with doctor degrees, 2 doctoral candidates, and 18 teachers with master's degree, and 8 part-time administrative teachers.

Over the past three years (from 2017-2019), this Centre has achieved excellent results in sports and art competitions. According to the record,the athletes of the Centre have won 14 First Prizes (including the First Prizes and grand prizes), 11 Second Prizes (including the second awards), 9 Third Prizes and 54 prizes ranking from the fourth to the eighth places in national, provincial and city-level sports competitions. These sports competitions include aerobics dancing, orienteering, basketball, and football, badminton, ping pong, tennis, swimming, track-and-field sports, taekwondo and sunny sports games. Especially in 2018, they won the the second prize as a team award and two individual championships in the Table Tennis Competition of the Provincial Games for University Students, in 2019, the team ranked the second place of the Provincial University Basketball League Match (Men’s League A), and won the championships in aerobics dancing and taekwondo competitions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which reached a historic breakthrough. And the students also got 6 First Prizes, 7 Second Prizes and 7 Third Prizes in the provincial-level Art Competitions.