General Office of theSchool

The General Office refers to the comprehensive functional department of administrative management, enrollment and employment, internal and external relations, and logistics support of theSchool. It keeps abreast of the work trends of theSchoolat any time, is responsible for arranging the daily affairs of theSchooland coordinating the work of various departments inside and outside the university, and fulfills the work in finance, assets, personnel, labour and capital, scientific research, title assessment, comprehensive management and fire safety, etc. This office establishes and improves various rules and regulations of theSchool, assists the leaders of theSchoolto supervise and inspect the implementation of work, coordinates to complete the meetings and activities of theSchool, and is in charge of organizing the completion and reporting of various reports of theSchool, as well as the management of theSchool’s official documents and the organization, classification, validation and reporting of files. It is also the functional department responsible for enrollment and employment of theSchoolto specifically draft the enrollment plans, make enrollment implementation suggestions, andprepareenrollment publicity materials and enrollment personnel selection and training, and isalsoresponsible for daily enrollment consultation, registration and admission, maintaining and updating the content of enrollment websites, and also the transfer of student record and electronic registration, as well as the recommendation of student employment and the issuance and registration of related materials.

Teaching Management Department:

The Teaching Management Department refers to the functional department in charge of the teaching management of theSchool. It is responsible for self-study exam registration, textbook subscription, verification and issuance of admission cards for examination, examination results retrieval and other examination and educational affairs, student status management and collection of related fees. This department is also responsible for business contact with relevant departments of the superior self-study examination committee, and assists in the implementation of the assigned work of superior departments, including the organization of test papers and teacher recommendation for entrusted examination courses and related practical courses, and coordinates to manage the starting of courses and examinations, thecompilationof teaching textbooks and the setting of questions for the major of self-study examination, and assists in the arrangement of the teaching of self-study examination and the linkage teaching of the secondary and high vocational education.

Department of Spare-time Correspondence Education:

The Department of Spare-time Correspondence Education is the functional department of theSchoolin charge of the management of spare-time correspondence education. It is responsible for organizing the preparation and revision of the teaching plans and syllabus of academic education, and management of academic education degrees, and for academic education, examination affairs,studentstatus management,internship and practical training, as well as the recruitment of teachers, and selection of teaching materials. And it also organizes inspection plans, checks the teaching work of teachers, evaluates the teaching quality, assists in the assessment of teachers, and is responsible for the educational affairs, examination affairs, student information management of off-campus teaching points, and teaching supervision work, and organizes and classifies relevant files of academic education.

Student Affairs Department:

The Student Affairs Department is the functional department responsible for the ideological and political education and management of the students. It is specifically responsible for student safety education and management, maintaining the stability and healthy growth of students; responsible for the construction of theSchool’s study style,improvingtherealizationof the "excellent teachers and excellent school"program, and creating a good learning and living atmosphere; responsible for the construction of campus culture, with the goal of building a "confidence" brand, to carry out colorful sports, science and technology, education and other competitive activities, and to implement innovation and entrepreneurship education and enrich the construction of students' second and third classrooms. This department is also responsible for guiding students' party and league work, building a harmonious, reasonable and effective team, and giving play to the functions of organization, management and service, to show the vanguard and exemplary role of student party members, party activists, and student backbones; responsible for the construction of a full-time class teacher team, with performance appraisal as the goal, in order to strengthen the effectiveness and scientization of the team, and promote the transformation and development of theSchool.

The department includes sub-committee of Chinese Communist Young league and student union. The sub-committee and the student union are mass organizations of youth and league members under the leadership of theSchool’s youth league committee, the student union, and theSchool’s general party branch. They are a major force in the development of student ideological and political work, and are the organizations used by students to develop self-education, self-management, self-service, and self-supervision.


The Training Center is the functional department of theSchoolin charge of social examinations, textual research, counseling and training. It makes full use of theuniversity's rich teaching resources to hold multi-level and multi-form training courses, such as, the intensive courses of Japanese and Korean for overseas study (off-job), IELTS spare-time training courses of Japanese and Korean, associate constructor, on-the-job training for the positions of construction budgeters, quality inspectors, materials staffs, construction workers and safety staff of the construction industry, AUTOCAD, tea art specialist, bartender, accounting certificate, SYB entrepreneurship training, and chemical inspectors, nutritionists, refrigeration equipment maintenance workers, decoration artists, indoor and outdoor design, computer network administrators, computer programmers, computer network administrators, teacher qualification certificates, e-commerce teachers and other training courses.

It holds thespare-timetraining of Japanese and Korean and intensive trainingfor overseas studyall the year round. The universities such as Kyoto Sosei University and TokohaGakuenUniversityin Japan, DaebulUniversity and Konkuk University in Korea, Middlesex University in the United Kingdom, and KingstonCollegein Canada have reached cooperation agreements with Shuren University, all students enrolled in full-time Japanese and Korean classes will be taught by a full-time teachers from relevant countries. At the end of the study period, they will participate in the entrance examination designated by the overseas cooperativecollegesand universities. Those who pass the examination will obtain the admission permit of suchcollegesand universities and go to the above countries for studying abroad, and will be directly enrolled in university courses, and obtain the corresponding degree after passing the exam.

At present, it is the designated institution for the training ofuniversitystudents' skills and education voucher programs in Hangzhou, with a total of more than 40 training programs and types of work.

Shuren Overseas Study Service Center:

The Shuren Overseas Study Service Center is the consultation and service institution of overseas study that wholly-owned and established by Zhejiang Shuren University and approved by the Ministry of National Education. Relying on the resources of ouruniversity, such as talents, academics, and foreign exchanges, the center provides a one-stop service of "intensified language training + cooperating with overseas universities + intermediary services" for students and citizens interested in studying abroad. It has established close friendly cooperative relations with some universities in Japan, South Korea, and the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands, as well as Hong Kong and other regions. So far, more than 1,000 international students have been selected andenrolled bythe above-mentioned universities.