Rules of the Library of Zhejiang Shuren University

Chapter I Entrance Rules

1. Enter the library with your own campus card;

2. Dress neatly, please do not wear vests and slippers when entering the library ;

3. Please do not bring food and drinks into the library ;

4. No littering;

5. Keep your own valuables properly;

6. Keep quiet, mute the phone, and answer the call outdoors;

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited;

8. Gaming is strictly prohibited;

9. Take care of books and periodicals and other public properties, please do not scribble or mark on or damage books;

10. Do not use items to occupy seats;

11. Concealing books and periodicals is strictly prohibited.


Chapter II Rules for the Issuance and Use of Library Card

  1. Issuance of Library Card

  2. Readers use the campus card to enter into the library, borrow books, use self-service borrowing and returning machines, self-service bag storage counter and self-service printers, etc.

  3. After receiving the admission education, the representatives of each class of the newly enrolled students will come to the service desk to get the Reader's Handbooks.

  4. Use of Library Card

  5. The number of books borrowed by the students of this university is 10 books, and the borrowing period is 40 days. All readers can renew the borrowed books once prior to the date due, and the renewal period is 20 days after the original due date.

  6. All readers can enter and borrow books with the campus card. The campus card is for personal use only and cannot be borrowed or altered. If any fraudulent use or use of others’ campus card to enter the library or borrow books is found, the staff has the right to detain the campus card and suspend the borrowing permission of books on the card holder.

  7. The library is operated by computers for borrowing and returning books. The campus card should be kept properly to avoid bending and causing operation failure thereby.

  8. Graduates must return all the books they borrow and pay off debts before leaving the university, and complete the procedures of graduation by using electronic graduation system. For details, please pay attention to the university’s relevant notice on graduation.

  9. Loss Report and Reissue of the Library Card

    (1) If you lose the campus card, you must go to the Student Affairs Hall (Campus Card Center) to report the loss as soon as possible. If the problem of fraudulent use of the card has occurred before reporting the loss, the original holder should be responsible for it.

    (2) After reporting the loss of the campus card, if it is found before the new card is reissued, readers can use the campus card and student ID card to cancel the loss report in the student affairs hall and resume using it.

    (3) After reporting the loss of the campus card, if you need to reapply, please go to the student affairs hall for reapplication. For the procedures of reporting the loss of the campus card and re-applying, please refer to the relevant instructions on the campus card.


    Chapter III Rules for Borrowing Books and Periodicals

  10. The library has two buildings: "Hangzhou Gongchenqiao Campus Library" and "Shaoxing Yangxunqiao Campus Library".

  11. The library on the Gongchenqiao campus in Hangzhou is equipped with the open-stacks reading room in Chinese and foreign languages, newspapers and periodicals reading room, reading room of outdated periodicals, and intensive stack room, etc. The reference books of each subject are placed in each reading room by category, and can be accessed at any time, only for indoor reading. If you want to borrow books from the intensive stack room, please go to the service desk on the first floor to fill in the "Call Slip". Reference books, newspapers and periodicals of the current year are not allowed for circulation, and bound editions of periodicals are available for borrowing. If you need to borrow books from the library of this campus, please go to the service desk on the lobby or self-service machine on the the first floor for borrowing books and periodicals stored on the first and second floors. Please complete the procedures of borrowing books and periodicals stored on other floors at the service desk on each floor.

    3. The library of Yangxunqiao Campus in Shaoxing has various Chinese book reading rooms and newspaper and periodical reading areas. Except for the "CPPCC Member Library", other books are available for circulation, but newspapers and periodicals are only for in-library reading. If you need to borrow books, please go to the service desk on the second floor or the self-service machine to complete the borrowing procedures. The library books of the CPPCC Member Library are for indoor reading only.

    4. The libraries on the two campuses share one system for borrowing and returning. If readers need to borrow books from the other campus, they can log in to the library's bibliographic retrieval system to entrust the borrowing online, and then pick up the books after they are sent into the library on this campus.

    5. Readers can read the books in the library, after reading, put the books and periodicals on the trolley with the written "Return of Books and Periodicals after Reading" without putting them on the shelves.

    6. Readers can study on their own in the reading room, but they are not allowed to occupy seats with books and bags, etc. If these items are lost or cleaned up due to the above behavior, the readers themselves shall take responsibility correspondingly.

    7. The library of Yangxunqiao campus in Shaoxing has a number of study rooms. If necessary, readers can go to the service desk to register and make an appointment; there is the self-study room on the third floor of the library on Gongchenqiao campus in Hangzhou, which is the important place for providing self-study space for all readers. Important places, readers can study there by using real name for registration.

    8. Readers should be as silent as possible when entering the reading room, keep the room quiet and tidy, and do not scribble, engrave, or scratch the reading tables, chairs, and walls. The facilities in the library are not allowed to be moved without permission.

    9. Personal borrowing records can be searched in the reading room of the library by logging in "My Library" on the computer, or using "Mobile Library" APP or the WeChat Official Account of "Zhejiang Shuren University Library" for inquiries, and it is also available for book renewal, reservation and other operations in "My Library" and "Mobile Library" APP; if you want to manually renew and make a reservation in the library, please register at the service desk with your campus card. Whether the reserved book has been returned can also be checked online through "My Library".

    10. Books and periodicals that have been overdue and not returned will be recalled by e-mail to readers who have overdue borrowing (please enter "My Library" from the website homepage of the library, and register for EMAIL and other information), and the list of recalls will be announced in the "Information Release" of the query system of the library every day.

    11. Those who bring books out of the library without completing the borrowing procedures or conceal books out of the library by other means shall be punished in accordance with relevant regulations and be notified of criticism.

    12. Readers should return the borrowed books on time within a specified time limit, and shall not exceed the time limit. Those who fail to return the books on time shall pay an overdue usage fee.

    13. The library provides the “Yunyuedu Reading” service: the brand new “RMB 0” borrowing and buying experience of the Xinhua Bookstore of “books purchased online, delivered to home, and readers’ books on library bills” is available for some readers. Readers can find their favorite professional books online. After the order is placed, the books will be mailed to the readers by courier and returned to the library after reading. For details, please follow the official account of "Zhejiang Shuren University Library", click on the menu "Common Services- Yunyuedu Reading" for registration, and activate your account by using your real name at the library’s service desk.

    14. Please consciously abide by the borrowing rules of each reading room. For more information, please visit the library website:


    Chapter IV Methods for Handling Overdue, Loss and Violations of Books and Periodicals

  12. The overdue usage fee for borrowed books is RMB 0.10 per volume per day. The returning date of the books borrowed during holidays, winter and summer vacations can be postponed. For the books and periodicals that have been overdue during the internship period, the students can pay back within one week after returning to university with the certificate of their school, and they can be exempt from paying overdue usage fees.

  13. If any loss of book, or the lost campus card has been falsely used by others to borrow books before the report of the loss, the readers need to pay 3 to 6 times the price of the book (book compensation measures are implemented in accordance with Item 7 of this Chapter). After the compensation, if the readers find the original borrowed book or compensate with a new book of the same or new edition (subject to confirmation by the library) within three months, the compensation can be refunded with the original bill, but the payment of the overdue usage fee and the material processing fee of RMB 5 per volume are still required. The refund procedure will not be available after the compensation has been made for three months. Seriously damaged books shall be treated as lost.

  14. If one of a set of books such as multi-volume books and serial publications is lost or seriously damaged, the compensation shall be 3 to 6 times the price of the complete set of books (refer to Item 7 of this Chapter for compensation).

  15. Those who mark, annotate, tear off, or deface the borrowed books will make compensation at RMB 3 per page. If the damage is serious and the degree of defacement exceeds 1/3 of the entire book, compensation will be made according to the regulations on book loss.

  16. The library implements the reader responsibility system: when borrowing books, readers should look through such books and carefully check whether they are stained, marked or torn, if yes, please explain to the staff and the staff will stamp at the stained or damaged part to clarify the responsibility; otherwise, the borrower shall be responsible for the above-mentioned defacement when the book is returned.

  17. Readers who have not completed the borrowing procedures, brought books out of the library without authorization or borrowed books by using others’ campus card, are punished as stealing books, and their borrowing permission will be suspended for one semester; they will be ordered to write a self-criticism letter, which will be filed for the record, and the university will issue a notice of criticism. The severe violators or those who refuse to correct their errors despite repeated education will be reported to the relevant departments of the university and be investigated and punished according to regulations on violations.

  18. Compensation method for books:

    (1) Compensation method for the books published in 1995 and before: Compensation amount = book price × compensation ratio (15 times the book price);

    (2) Compensation method for the books published between 1996 and 2000: Compensation amount = book price × compensation ratio (6 times the book price).

    (3) Compensation method for the books published in 2001 and after: Compensation amount = book price × compensation ratio (3 times the book price).

    8. If the bar code and spine label are damaged, a material processing fee of RMB 5 will be charged.

    9. If the bound edition of Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals is lost, the compensation shall be 3 to 6 times the annual price of such newspapers and periodicals and the binding and processing fee (refer to Item 7 of this Chapter for compensation measures).


    Chapter V Regulations on the Usage of Digital Resources

    1. The library has a number of digital resources such as learning platforms, e-books, e-journals, dissertations, conference papers, patent standards, facts and statistics, and multimedia videos, which readers can access, download and use through the library website.

    2. It is forbidden to use network download tools to download digital resources purchased by the library in bulk.

    3. It is forbidden to provide personal network accounts to outsiders to use the university's digital resources, and it is not allowed to use the obtained documents for illegal profit.

    4. Without the authorization of the agent, any organization or individual shall not set up a proxy server privately to provide the university's digital resources to external organization and individuals.