School of Jia Yang was established in June, 2013 with the name of WangJiayang, the ex-chairman of the provincial political consultative conference and the honorary president of the university, aiming to cultivate international-oriented senior applied excellent talents with top knowledge, abilities and quality. The School of Basic Science was established by the university with the construction and operation of the Yangxunqiao Campus in December, 2015, in charge of education, teaching, daily management of freshmen of the Yangxunqiao Campus and the teaching management works of the campus. The original Department of Basic Science, the Teaching and Research Office of English of the School of Foreign Languages and the Teaching and Research Office of Basis of Computer Engineering of the School of Information Science and Technology were merged into the School of Basic Science in July, 2017, in charge of teaching and research works of general education courses such as College English, Basis of Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education and Art of the whole university. The Teaching and Research Office of Physical Education and Art were merged into the newly established Education Center of Physics, Art and Labor in July, 2020.

According to the institution adjustment of the university,School of Jia Yang,School of Basic Science and School of International Education were integrated to establish the “Schoolof Jia Yang”, with three plates and one group of teachers in December, 2020, in charge of scientific research of corresponding disciplines of the university, teaching and research of general courses, cultivation of high-level talents and organization of related contests.

The School has four teaching and research offices of College English, Basis of Computer Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, with 66 teachers and staffs, including 18 teachers with senior professional titles and 11 teachers with doctor’s degree. Two of them were awarded with the prize of Advanced Individual of Zhejiang Teachers’ Ethics; one of them was awarded with Famous Teacher of the University; four of them were awarded with New Teachers; three of them were awarded with Excellent Teachers for Students. In recent five years, the teachers of the School have hosted two national-level scientific research projects, and has issued more than 10 SCI and EI class one or above core thesis, and has hosted more than 20 horizontal projects; the teachers have been awarded with 1 invention patent and more than 40 utility patents and software copyrights; have compiled 6 teaching materials as editor-in-chief, and have published 1 work, and have hosted 8 provincial or above teaching reform projects; the teachers were awarded with the special prize and the first prize in the 5thNational Contest of Mathematical Micro-lecture Course Teaching Design of 2019, and were awarded with the special prize and the first prize in Zhejiang “Internet+ Mathematics” Excellent Case of Universities of 2020; the teachers have guided students to win nearly 100 prizes in mathematics, English, physics and multi-media work design contests of at least provincial level, including more than 20 first prizes.

With the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, theSchoolwill explore the new mode for high-level talent cultivation in accordance with practical conditions of the university in the future, so as to take efforts for quality improvement and upgrading of the university.

Contact person: Teacher Zheng

Contact address: Room 211, Building No. 2, Qiushi Garden, Yangxunqiao Campus, Zhejiang Shuren University, Yangxunqiao Town, Shaoxing, Zhejiang

Contact number: 0575-85324519