Over our 36 year history, we at ZJSRU have made full use of our advantages within the private sector to improve in scale, standard, laying a solid foundation for internationalization. At present, ZJSRU has established cooperative relations with over 70 universities and institutions in 19 different countries or regions. This includes Japan, South Korea, The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao. These cooperative partnerships include the exchange of lectures, seminars, staff training, student exchanges, and mutual recognition of credits, joint education cooperation, double degree programs, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchange activities.

In the past five years, The Belarusian Center for Country and Regional Studies of ZJSRU has been granted by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, seven national high-end foreign expert projects, six provincial intelligent introduction projects, one granted National Key Research and Development Program (a key project for intergovernmental international science and technology innovation cooperation), three National Natural Science Foundation international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects, one provincial international science and technology cooperation base project have all been granted. A large number of International Conferences has been held in the University, such as the Modern Service Industry Development Forum, Cross-strait Seminar on Teaching and Application of Management Statistics, China-Belarus Youth International Forum, Technical Exchange Meeting on the Analysis and Detection of Ionic Compounds, Summit Forum on Modern Medical Education, The 20th Biennial International Conference of Asian Home Economics, and International conferences on key technologies of image understanding for smart cities. These international conferences vigorously promote international academic exchange and the cooperation of science and technology between the Universities.

In today’s increasingly fierce international competition, the optimal allocation of educational resources and human resources have become a decisive factors for international competitiveness and sustainable development. The standard of internationalization has become an important indicator to measure the running potential of a university. Confronting both opportunities and challenges, ZJSRU has: firmly set up the principle of international education; made full use of international high-quality education resources; deepened multi-level international cooperation and exchanges; actively constructed a bright and distinctive international education pattern within its university, colleges, research institutions, teachers and students.