Clinical Medicine

The specialty is a 5-year system specialty. The specialty has excellent undergraduate teaching team composed by Academician Zheng Shusen form the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as many famous domestic and foreign experts, scholars and professors, with the “accurate, refined, talented and international” cultivation mode. The specialty lays emphasis on cultivation of comprehensive quality of students as well as accurate education, refined cultivation, to provide elites in line with international standard. With the competency-oriented cultivation mode, it implements “one-to-one” and “one-to-more” tutorial system and integrated course teaching based on organ systems around practical conditions of clinical conditions. It cultivates basic theories and skills such as basic medicine and clinical medicine, as well as favorable occupational quality, communication and foreign language abilities, to build high-quality medical elites.

The specialty has worked with global top medical universities, colleges and medical institutes to establish multilayered teaching cooperation, such as Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University, University Medical Center of Princeton, University of California-Los Angeles, Boston University, University of Toronto, University of Heidelberg Germany, Institute Pasteur, Belarusian State University, University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong, to provide students with opportunities for further study and exchange and study overseas, to expand their horizon. In addition to national-level and provincial-level scholarship, student subsidies and student loans, the college also establishes “Shulan Scholarship” to award and subsidize excellent students.

Employment prospect: Graduates have favorable employment prospect, and can work on clinical medicine, medical research and medical teaching in the International hospital and various levels of medical institutes. Excellent graduates have the priority to work for medical institutes under Shulan Medical Group. At the same time, excellent graduates can study for a master’s degree.

Medical Examination Technology

The specialty is a 4-year system specialty. The “medicine + biological technology + AI/big data” innovative cultivation mode is adopted for the specialty according to the “new medical” interdisciplinary talent cultivation objective based on the “Internet + examination” intelligent development trend, to cultivate high-quality comprehensive medical examination talents with all-round abilities, favorable occupational quality, foreign ability, practical ability and humanistic spirit who master basic theories, basic skills and certain pathological knowledge about medical examination, modern examination instruments as well as using methods and maintenance technologies of examination equipment, and can work on clinical medical examination and health quarantine works of medical institutes and related scientific research institutes, with certain potential in scientific research development.

Employment prospect: Graduates of medical examination technology have wide employment prospect. They can work on medical examination in laboratory Division of hospitals, epidemic stations, blood stations, entry and exit inspection and quarantine department and third party medical examination institutions. Excellent graduates have the priority to work in medical institutes under Shulan Medical Group.


The specialty is a 4-year system specialty. Led by Academician Li Lanjuan, an international famous infectious disease specialist, the specialty has a teaching team composed by academicians, professors and doctors with abundant teaching experience, to cultivate undergraduate talents of nursing with domestic and foreign cooperation and offer courses about leading-edge medical knowledge, evidence-based nursing, nursing information and nursing, and some of the courses are offered with bilingual education. The industry talent cultivation mode of “integration of industry and education and cooperation between university and enterprise” and the student-oriented whole-course vocational education are adopted. Teachers with abundant international teaching experience will offer clinical teaching, to realize the teaching innovation of “laying emphasis on humanities, practical training and application” for undergraduate teaching of nursing. The specialty cultivates senior applied professionals with all-round abilities, systematic nursing knowledge and related medical, humanistic and social knowledge, favorable professional quality, lifelong education ability, humanistic care spirit and strong foreign language abilities, with certain international competitiveness. The “Shulan Nursing Scholarship” is especially established to give award and subsidiary to excellent students.

Employment prospect: Graduates have favorable employment prospect. They can work on clinical nursing, nursing management, nursing information, nursing teaching and nursing scientific research in international hospitals and medical institutes of various levels. Excellent graduates can work for medical institutes under Shulan Medical Group.

Nursing (specialized specialty for professional training)

The specialty is a 4-year system specialty. The specialty cultivates high-quality applied nursing talents with solid basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills about nursing, modern nursing ideas, favorable occupational ethics and humanistic quality, strong core professional abilities of nursing and sustainable development abilities who can meet demands of the industry and the new normality for regional economic development and can adapt to nursing posts after graduation.

Employment prospect: Graduates of the specialty have favorable employment prospect, and they can work on clinical nursing, community nursing and health management in various levels of comprehensive hospitals, specialized hospitals, community hospitals and health institutions.