Medicine, Engineering and Information Research Institute relies on the research strength of the School of Information Science and Technology, Shulan International Medical Collegeand others. It consists of the Artificial Intelligence Research Center of Medical Big Data, the Artificial Intelligence Research Center of Medical Imaging, and the China-Belarus International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Remote Sensing Image Processing and Application in Zhejiang Province, and a talent training base of health big data project based on the integration of medicine, artificial intelligence and information technology of Zhejiang Province, forming a structure of "one hospital, two centers and two bases". It has six research stations including medical robots and intelligent perception, medical big data intelligent analysis, medical big data information security, medical imaging technology, medical image processing, and auxiliary diagnosis of medical image, to carry out in-depth studies on the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other kinds of new generation of information technology and their application in smart medical treatment, which will support the construction of key disciplines such as information and medicine, improve the cultivation of medical talents with the characteristics of integration of medical, artificial intelligence and information technology, and form the advantages of scientific research and talent training with distinctive characteristics of Shuren University.