Shulan International Medical College


Established on May 18, 2019, Shulan International Medical College of Zhejiang Shuren University is an international medical college engaged in cultivating medical talents with international horizon jointly established and operated by Zhejiang Shuren University and Shulan Medical Management Group. Professor Zheng Shusen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a foreign academician of France National Academy of Medical Sciences, director of key laboratory of multiple organ transplantation by National Health Commission and an expert of liver and gall surgery department and liver transplantation, worked as the dean of the college.

The college has a high-level teaching team led by academicians and composed by international medical experts, national “Thousand Talents” plans and doctoral supervisors. It has a batch of advanced platforms such as “International Organ Transplantation Center”, “Lee’s Artificial Liver Center”, “International Cell Therapy Research Center” and “National Drug Clinical Test Mechanism”, and has high-level basic medicine and clinical medicine experiment and training demonstration center.

With the medical talent cultivation idea of “Overall development with both ability and political integrity, pursuit for excellence and international connection”, the college has established multilayered substantive teaching cooperation with famous international universities and medical institutes in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Singapore and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions of China, to build domestic top medical talent cultivation college with international standard. At present, the college has reached short-term visit project with National University of Singapore, and will dispatch a batch of students to National University of Singapore to development study exchange. The college has worked together with many domestic universities to conduct joint cultivation of graduates, so as to provide more opportunities and platforms for further study.

The college has nearly 100 teachers, and more than 70% of them have senior professional titles and doctoral degree, with high professional and academic level. The college has invested 50 million yuan to construct three experiment platforms of basic medicine, basic nursing and clinical nursing, more than 20 laboratories such as human anatomy, microscopy interaction, health assessment and psychological counseling, as well as 3 practical training centers of CSTC Clinical Skills Training Center, AHA+ICU American Heart Aid Training Center and Infant & Mom Scientific Research and Training Center, to provide students with favorable teaching environments.

The college will invest dozens of millions yuan to construct experiment and practical training platforms such as Human Morphological Center, Function Center, Molecular Biology Center, Image Processing Center, Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Demonstration Center, Clinical Skill Training Center and Intelligent Medical Center.

The college has 3 undergraduate specialties, i.e., Clinical Medicine (5-year system), Medical Examination Technologies and Nursing, as well as 1 specialized specialty for professional training, i.e., Nursing (specialized specialty for professional training).

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