School of Humanities and Foreign Languages
School of Humanities and Foreign Languages

School of Humanities and Foreign Languages  is one of the earliest batch of professional schools among the existing secondary school of the university. The school has always integrated resources in teaching, teachers, scientific research and equipment in a reasonable way for many years, to cultivate internationalized, applied and versatile talents. With active reforms and bold practice, the College has been developed to a key unit in humanity and social sciences, with more than 3000 teachers and students.

The School has 3 first-level specialties, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Foreign Languages andLiteratures, which have 9 under graduate specialties and 2 specialized specialties for professional training, i.e., Chinese Language and Literature, Secretary, Journalism, Network and New Media, International Education of Chinese Language, Japanese, English, Korean and Business English, as well as Secretary Concerning on Foreign Affairs (specialized specialty for professional training) and English (specialized specialty for professional training). In which the Chinese Language and Literature Specialty is a provincial top specialty and a university-level applied (featured) specialty, and Secretary Specialty is awarded with the title of an excellent innovative team by Ministry of Education. Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Applied Languages are key disciplines of the university.

The School has strong teaching strength and significant teaching and scientific research achievements, and has undertaken many provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as National Social Science Fund and Humanities and Social Sciences Projects by Ministry of Education. The school has 82 full-time teachers and about 10 foreign teachers, and more than 95% of the teachers have intermediate and senior professional titles. In addition, the schoolhas high-end teachers such as professors, doctoral supervisors, master’s supervisors and doctors. Many of the teachers are selected into 151 Engineering Talent Plan and Zhijiang Young Social Science Scholars. The schoolhas perfect teaching facilities, including many high-end teaching laboratories such as Journalism and Communication Laboratory, Network and Communication Laboratory, Secretary Training Room and Independent Language Study Center. In addition, the schoolhas many research institutes such as Belarusian Country and Regional Research Center, Regional Culture Research Institute, Oral History Research Center, News Research Institute and Translation Research Institute.

The School lays emphasis on talent cultivation quality, strengthens construction of teaching and learning styles, advocates humanistic spirit, implements talent planning and quality expansion plans, and builds the “culture of graduate college exam”. Average 7% of graduates study for a master’s degree in domestic and foreign universities every year, and the acceptance rate for graduate college exam ranks the top of the whole university. The schoollays special emphasis on cultivation of comprehensive quality and abilities such as scientific research and contest, and the students of the schoolhave been awarded with more than 1000 prizes in provincial-level or above discipline contests, scientific contests, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship type projects and contests. In addition, the students of the schoolhave published more than 400 academic papers in provincial or above levels of periodicals. The school develops abundant campus cultural activities, to cultivate senior applied talents with strong comprehensive quality, and many students of the school have been awarded with titles such as National “Star of Self-improvement” for College Students and “Aggressive and Kind Young People of Zhejiang” in recent years. All graduates from the school can apply what they learnt and have strong practical ability, and the employment rate is always kept at above 96%. They take root in the border regions and make contributions to poverty overcoming in a progressive and enthusiastic way, and are highly praised by employers.

The School pays special attention to foreign exchanges and internationalized operation, and establishes cooperation and exchange relations with many high-level domestic and foreign universities. The schoolinvites more than 20 domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars to come to the school for academic lectures, and the “Humanity Lecture Hall” is very popular in teachers and students of the university. At present, our school keeps friendly cooperation relations with many universities and research institutes in countries such as Japan and South Korea, and sends some of the graduates to Japan and South Korea for further study every year, and selects some excellent students to send them to Japan and South Korea as exchange students in sister schools for short term research and studies.

In the future, the School will deepen discipline integration aiming at demands of social culture and industry development according to the requirements of “adapting to markets, optimizing structure, improving connotations and strengthening features” on this basis, to construct the development pattern of the new literal arts, and highlight the cultivation of innovative spirits and practical ability of students. The school will build specialty features with the emphasis of development applied specialties and specialty application-oriented reforms, so as to improve construction quality and internationalization level of specialties.

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