School of Information Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology

The specialty is one of the first batch of provincial top undergraduate specialties, a provincial “13th five-year-plan” advantageous and featured specialty, a provincial key specialty, a pilot specialty of excellent engineer cultivation plan of the university, an international cultivation specialty of the university and an applied specialty. Computer Science and Technology Discipline, a basic discipline of the specialty, is a provincial the “12th five-year-plan” key discipline and a provincial the “13th five-year-plan” top discipline. The specialty aims to cultivate versatile applied talents with favorable IT engineering practice ability and occupational quality, with abilities of software design, development and test who are familiar with management procedures and standards for software development and master various types of mainstream development languages and platforms. Relying on resources such as medicine-AI-IT Research Institute National College Student Off-campus Practice Education Base, provincial International Service Outsourcing Cultivation Base and provincial-level Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, in combination of university-enterprise cooperation with many famous software enterprises, the specialty cultivates professionals with strong practical abilities in software research and development, mobile application system development, system testing and operation maintenance in typical industries such as outsourcing operation, intelligent medicine and intelligent health maintenance with the “whole-course and integrated” talent cultivation mode.

Employment prospect: With large social demands, most graduates work on software outsourcing operation, software development such as PC end software, websites, mobile apps, games and intelligent systems, UI design, software testing and system operation maintenance in specialized software research and development and IT outsourcing enterprises and Internet enterprises; they can also work on research, design, development and technical management in government agencies, enterprises and public institutions and scientific research departments; at the same time, graduate can study for a master’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, or start business with Internet+.

Digital Media Technologies (A Zhejiang Top Discipline)

The specialty is an emerging inter-discipline integrated with computer and art. Relying on the Computer Science and Technology specialty, i.e., a “13th five-year-plan” top discipline, it aims to cultivate senior applied talents with favorable computer technology quality, certain artistic culture and certain art creation ability, who master digital media core technologies such as movie special effects, 3D animation, virtual reality and game programming and can work on system design, development and application in fields such as interactive media, digital resource creation and management and new media engineering. The specialty and famous game enterprises in Hangzhou establish off-campus practice base, to cultivate versatile applied talents. The specialty has digital audio and video laboratory, digital media technology laboratory, game development laboratory, virtual reality laboratory and university-level laboratory platform, i.e., “somatosensory supporting man-machine interaction auxiliary design laboratory”. The students of the specialty have acquire more than 30 innovation and entrepreneurship training projects, more than 30 prizes in provincial-level Type Acontests in recent years; the students of the specialty have issued more than 30 papers as the first author, and have been awarded with more than 20 intellectual properties, with abundant achievements.

Employment prospect: Graduates can work in culture and media industries such as movie and television, entertainment, gams, publishing, books and news related to digital media technologies, as well as government agencies, higher education, TV stations and other digital media software development and product design and manufacturing enterprises. They can work on multimedia information collection and editing in broadcasting, TV and advertising manufacturing, and development and manufacturing of multi-media products. Or they can work on development, design and testing of animation or games, or operation, management and maintenance of computer network and teaching multi-media information systems or operation and maintenance of audio and video equipment in enterprises and public institutions. They can also work on information management and technology research and development in enterprises and public institutions. In addition, graduates can also study for a master’s degree in fields such as computer graphic images, AI, man-machine interaction and movie and TV cartoon.

E-commerce (A Zhejiang Top Discipline)

The specialty is a university-level applied specialty. Relying on the advantages of informationand technology of School of Information Science and Technology, with the objectives of “technology, management and innovation”, the specialty cultivates excellent e-commerce engineers with data analysis abilities. Graduates have basic abilities in e-commerce industry data management and analysis and marketing scheme design and implementation, and have strong specialized development ability in one of the following two fields:①big data analysis ability in e-commerce industry;②micro-system design and development ability oriented to data analysis and exhibition. Graduates can work on e-commerce data mining and analysis, e-commerce platform design and development, and network marketing planning and implementation in enterprises and public institutions, with the future occupational development objective of professional managers in charge of top strategic planning of e-commerce business in middle and small-sized enterprises.

Employment prospect: The specialty lays emphasis on employment services for students. The continuously optimized employment information network has been established after efforts of more than 10 years, with high enterprise reputation. The employment rate of the recent 5 years is 100%. The entrepreneurship rate is increased year after year, which is 8% in 2018. Graduates can study for a master’s degree with the following fields: Computer Application Technologies, Management Science and Engineering, Logistics Management and Big Data Processing and Analysis.

Data Science and Big Data Technology (A Zhejiang Top Discipline)

Relying on Compute Science and Technology Discipline, a Zhejiang top discipline, the specialty aims to cultivate applied versatile talents in accordance with the demands on development of big data and AI industries in our country and Zhejiang, who master basic knowledge about information science, statistics and data science, have solid programming basis and favorable scientific quality, innovation and entrepreneurship abilities and teamwork, get familiar with design, realization and maintenance of distributed calculation system, big data analysis and processing algorithms, processes and tools, understand application modes and methods of big data in digital economic industries and fields such as social governance, business intelligence and intelligent health, and can work on data collection, data analysis, big data application development and big data system maintenance.

Employment prospect: Due to the big data strategy and the digital China construction, the society had increasingly grown demands on big data talents, with huge total demands and abundant types and layers of talents. Graduates can work on data architectural design, data mining algorithm design, industry data analysis, data product design and management and big data and AI system development and maintenance. Graduates can also study for a master’s degree in fields of Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering, or Big Data and AI related research and application related to other disciplines or specialties.

Electronic Information Engineering (A Zhejiang Top Discipline)

The specialty is an original undergraduate specialty of Zhejiang Shuren University, with strong teaching strength. Relying on Zhejiang top discipline, national-level college student off-campus practice base and provincial-level experiment teaching demonstration center, it cultivates embedded-type technology software and hardware development talents. With the foundation of theoretical learning of hardware circuit design and software development, with the carriers of intelligent robots such as rehabilitation robots and nursing robots, intelligent trolleys and unmanned aerial vehicles, with points of strength of college student electronic designcontests, provincial-level student scientific research and national level or provincial level innovation and entrepreneurship projects, it highlights the features of combination of software and hardware and medicine-AI-IT integration. Graduates have wide employment prospect and favorable salary and treatment.

Employment prospect: Graduates of the specialty have wide employment prospect, including: 1) They can work on engineering design (engineers) in public institutions such as power supply, State Grid, communication systems, railways and airlines, or data analysis and statistics of financial securities, banks and medical systems (industry researchers); 2) They can work as software and hardware development engineers in high-tech enterprises, such as technology development, engineering design, technical support and technical management of embedded-type orientation and robot orientation.

Graduates can study for a master’s degree in fields of Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering and Computer Science and Technology.

Communication Engineering (A Zhejiang Top Discipline)

The specialty is an important orientation of IT, with shortage in specialized talents and wide employment prospect. Relying on Zhejiang top discipline and national-level college student off-campus practice base and provincial-level experiment teaching demonstration center, it cultivates embedded engineers and hardware engineers of communication technology orientation, who work on development, maintenance and tests of wireless short-haul communication and embedded systems. It cooperates with Huawei Company in communication network. Relying on Zhejiang Huawei ICT practice base, it cultivates network engineers who are engaged in planning, designing and maintenance testing of various types of enterprise websites, with wide employment prospect and favorable salary and treatment. Many graduates work for related enterprises of Huawei Ecological Circle as cloud computing architects, cloud computing design and operation maintenance engineers and network safety engineers.

Employment prospects: With wide employment orientations and scarcity of talents, graduates can work on product research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, network operation maintenance, safety management and equipment development and application in communication and related departments. Graduates can also study for a master’s degree in Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering and Computer Science and Technologies.

Internet of Things Engineering (A Zhejiang Top Discipline)

The specialty is one of key supported specialties of information network, a national strategic emerging industry. Relying on Zhejiang top discipline, national-level college student off-campus practice base and 2 provincial-level experiment teaching demonstration centers (Information and Electronic Engineering laboratory center and Computer Science and Technology Experiment Center), the specialty develops teaching, to achieve combination between basic knowledge and leading technologies as well as between theoretical methods and practical skills. With the foundation of computer network and the platform of information network, it lays emphasis on development and research of Internet of Things application systems. By highlighting features of the sensor network technology and Internet of Things application research and development, it aims to cultivate high-quality versatile information network talents urgently needed by the society.

Employment prospect: Graduates can work development and technical management of Internet of Things application systems in information technology fields in scientific research departments, enterprises and public institutions, especially intelligent cities (traffic, logistics, medicine, buildings, environmental protection, energy conservation and safety), intelligent industry and electronic communication; or they can work on research, development and technical management incomputer application field and communication field. Graduates can studyfor a master’s degree on orientations of Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering and Control Science and Engineering.