School of Art

Majors of 2021 enrollment of School of Art include five undergraduate majors: visual communication design, environmental design, product design, animation and arts and crafts, and new students shall be enrolled based on majors.The School strives to give full play to the teaching, scientific research and social service functions of School of Art, closely focuses on the related fields of emerging industries, bases itself on Zhejiang, takes scientific research and teaching to serve the regional economy as the implementation path, promotes "industry teachers involved inthe class, projects involved inthe class, events involved in the class" bylinking schools, governments and enterprises, and cultivates advanced application-oriented design talents who "canconduct oneself and deal with matters,are good at creative design and know how to make crafts".

The teacher resource of the School is abundant, with70 faculty members in total, of which 40% are teachers with high professional titles, and more than 80%of the full-time teachers own master's degree or above. Among them, there are 4 professors, 11 associate professors, 9 doctors and 21 dual-qualified teachers.

The Schoolattaches importanceto the cultivation of application ability, and vigorously improves students' learning ability, application ability and development ability through close cooperation with industries and enterprises. In the past three years, the School has established two industry schools, namely, "Ding Ge Dream Innovation School" and "Ruilin Light Environment School", and 28 virtual classes of school-enterprise cooperation, such as "Wensli Class", "Bole Industrial Design Elite Class" and "Famous Animation Game Art Design Class", and 36 off-campus practice training bases. The School has set up postgraduate exam classes to encourage aspiring youths to continue their studies and study abroad for postgraduate.

The School has a solid foundation of practical teaching,with one laboratory construction project funded by the central finance departmentand five laboratory construction projects funded by the provincialfinance department. It has an art museum, sculpture museum,Stop-motion Animation Studio, industrial design studio, photography studio, pottery studio, screen printing studio, digital film and television post-production studio, comprehensive materials studio, etc. It also has a comprehensive practical teaching platform for creative design integrating production, education and research, and a practical teaching platform for art design majors.

In the past five years,students of the Schoolhave achieved excellent results in China International "Internet+" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National College Students' Advertising Design Competition, Zhejiang Multimedia Works Competition, Zhejiang Industrial Design Competition, Challenge Cup College Students' Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, Zhejiang Rural Revitalization Competition, etc., andhavewon 4 national second prizes, 4 third prizes and 54 provincial third prizes.


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Undergraduate majors of 2021 enrollment: visual communication design, environmental design, product design, animation, arts and crafts