Introduction to the Library

Established in 1984, the library ofZhejiangShuren University has two parts in Hangzhou Gongchenqiao Campus and Shaoxing Yangxunqiao Campus. With covered area of about 40 thousand m2, the service modes of“the same library in two campuses”and“free interlibrary loan system”are implemented by the library.Composed by Chinese and Foreign Reading Room, Newspaper and Periodical Reading Room, Architectural Art Reading Room, Intensive Reading Room and CPPCC Member Reading Room, the library is featured by theoretical books and teaching reference books of various specialties of the university, with emphasis on multiple disciplines in both arts and sciences. The library had collected more than 1.9 million Chinese and foreign books and periodicals up until December, 2020, with more than 1 million electronic books and more than 30 electronic resource pools. The library is equipped with multi-functional intelligent devices such as automatic access control system, automatic book borrowing and returning machine and self-help print copier, to gradually realize modernization and intelligence of information retrieval and information services.