Zhou Hao
Thu, Jul 1 2021 19:11 times

Zhou Hao, an associate professor, a deputy director of the Teaching and Research Office of Mathematics, and has been engaged in teaching and research of core courses of college mathematics such as Higher Mathematics, Linear Algebra and Probability Statistics.

Zhou Hao was awarded with prizes and titles such as the special prize in Zhejiang “Internet+ Teaching” Excellent Case of 2021, Zhejiang “Internet+ Teaching” Demonstration Classroom of 2020, the first prize in the 5thNational Contest of Mathematics Micro-lecture Teaching Design for Higher Education of 2019, the third prize of Zhejiang College Teacher Education Technology Achievements of 2018, and a New Star of Teaching of Zhejiang Shuren University of 2016. The Mooc ofHigher Mathematicsthat she hosted to construct is awarded as an excellent on-line course of Zhejiang Province. He has hosted 1 teaching reform project and a course reform project of Zhejiang, and has participated in 1 National Natural Science Fund Project and Zhejiang Natural Science Fund Project; he has hosted to construct 1 provincial-level excellent online course, 1 municipal-level excellent online course and 1 university-level excellent online course; he has guide students to win 2 second prizes in National Contest of Mathematical Modeling for College Students and a dozen of first prizes, second prizes and third prizes of the provincial contests.