Lai Xianjing
Thu, Jul 1 2021 19:06 times

Lai Xianjing, female, born in January, 1979, a doctor and a professor. She graduated from Zhejiang Normal University as a Theoretical Physics major in 2005, with a master of science. She graduated from Suzhou University as a major of Optics, with a doctor of science. Funded by China Scholarship Council, she went to University of Strathclyde for academic visit during July, 2019 – June, 2020, with the research orientation of non-linear optics.

She has been engaged in teaching and research on physics since July, 2005, and has given lectures ofCollege PhysicsandCollege Physics Experiment, with abundant working experience. She has been awarded with university-level young lecturer, university-level advanced individual in teacher’s ethics, excellent class teacher and excellent prize in class teaching quality evaluation. She has prominent performance in scientific research, and has hosted National Natural Science Fund, Zhejiang Natural Science Fund, as well as many scientific research and teaching reform topics by Zhejiang Ministry of Education and the university; in addition, she has issued more than 20 thesis collected by SCI and EI as the first author.