Cai Chen
Thu, Jul 1 2021 19:00 times

Cai Chen, born in 1983, Taizhou, Zhejiang, a public figure without party affiliation, an associate professor, mainly engaged in research on sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and Foreign language education technologies. He graduated as a doctor of Institute of Linguistics of Chung Cheng University (2015), and works as a visiting scholar of Language and Nursing Research Center for the Aged of Tongji University (2020).

Cai Chen works for the Teaching and Research Office of College English of School of JiaYang, and gives lectures ofCollege English,Comparison of Chinese and Western LanguagesandCultures and Language and Society. He is also a part-time teacher of School of Humanity and Foreign Languages, and gives lectures of Introduction toEnglish LinguisticsandIntroduction to General Linguistics. He has hosted 1 humanities and social sciences project by Ministry of Education, 6 municipal level scientific research projects by Zhejiang Federation of Chinese Social Scientists and Zhejiang provincial planned research projects, and 3 municipal-level teaching reform projects such as provincial higher education class teaching reform, and has issued 2 academic works in first class publishing houses and dozens of thesis in domestic and overseas periodicals such as Modern Foreign Languages, Journal of Chinese Language Teaching and Journal of PLA Institute of Foreign Languages, including 2 thesis in first class periodicals and 7 thesis in other core periodicals.