The Team from the Global Affairs Office of the University of Dundee Visited Our University
Tue, Apr 30 2024 11:54 times

The Team from the Global Affairs Office of the University of Dundee Visited Our University

On the afternoon of April 9, Mirren Augustine, Head of Global Affairs, Alan Brooks and Zhang Xinyu, Heads of Programs, and Cai Peilin and Zhang Xin from its office in China, visited our university to discuss the cooperation and exchange with Shulan International Medical College. Chen Zhi, Executive Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of our university, met with the visiting guests. Wang Yun, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and the leaders and teachers of the college attended the meeting. And the meeting was presided over by Wang Yun.

At the meeting, both parties introduced the development of their respective nursing science programs, discussed in depth the cooperation and exchange of nursing and clinical medicine, reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the short-term exchange of students to the University of Dundee, summer study tours and 3+1 master’s degree programs, and actively promoted the signing of the inter-university cooperation agreement. Both parties also analyzed and discussed the enrollment of the master’s degree programs of medical imaging, biomedical engineering and others.

Director Chen Zhi thanked the representatives of the University of Dundee for coming from afar and the obvious results of the exchanges between both parties. He mentioned that the university was vigorously promoting the construction of new medical science and expected cooperation and exchange and cross-over study in other disciplines and programs. Finally, Director Chen Zhi invited these teachers to visit our university again on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the university in November.

Before the meeting, the visitors from the University of Dundee also visited the Nursing School to learn about the teaching and practical training of nursing science in China.