Mr. Lee Sheung-shing, President of the Federation of Alumni Associations of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong and Other Guests Visited Our University
Fri, May 19 2023 10:34 times

On May 14, a visiting group of 23 guests, including President Lee Sheung-shing and his wife Vice Chairman Lee Pik-chung of the Federation of Alumni Associations of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as the Federation), and other leaders of the Federation, visited our university. The leaders of our university, including President Li Lu, Party Secretary Zhang Qing, and some leaders of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, Presidents Office, the Department of Campus Construction, the Department of Logistics, the School of Economics and Social Welfare and the Library, and the representatives of teachers and students, participated in this activity.


In the morning, the unveiling ceremonies of Lee Sheung-shing Auditorium and Lee Pik-chung Tea Culture Laboratory were held grandly in the university. The ceremonies were presided over by Zhang Qing, Party Secretary of our university.



At the unveiling ceremonies, President Li Lu delivered speeches on behalf of the university. He spoke highly of the couple, President Lee Sheung-shing and Vice Chairman Lee Pik-chung, who had been actively engaged in social welfare for many years, enthusiastically donated money to education, and united the organizations and compatriots of Hong Kong and overseas Chinese around the world to advance for the development of Hong Kong and the motherland. Our university is also honored to be the first university in Zhejiang Province donated by President Lee Sheung-shing and his wife. To thank them for their kindness, our university named the Auditorium and the Tea Culture Laboratory as Lee Sheung-shing Auditorium and Lee Pik-chung Tea Culture Laboratory respectively.

At the ceremonies, President Li Lu presented donation certificates to President Lee Sheung-shing and Vice Chairman Lee Pik-chung.







At the ceremonies, President Lee Sheung-shing and Vice Chairman Lee Pik-chung expressed their gratitude to the university for boundless hospitality with simple but sincere words, their deep friendship with President Li Lu during his working in Hong Kong, and their confidence and expectation for the vigorous development of the university. They also said that they would continue to vigorously support the high-quality development and construction of the university.



After the unveiling ceremonies, both parties held a discussion meeting in Lee Pik-chung Tea Culture Laboratory. At the meeting, President Li Lu introduced the development history of the university, which was initiated and developed through enduring great hardships and striving forward, the development strategy of insisting on the implementation of discipline construction and promoting the quality and upgrading of the university, the achievements made in discipline construction, talent training and international cooperation, and the development plan of focusing on five characteristic fields with the new medical science as the driving force. President Li Lu highlighted the support from Hong Kong and Macao for the development and construction of the university, including the social elite of Hong Kong and Macao, the CPPCC members of Hong Kong and Macao, and the cooperation between Shuren University and the universities of Hong Kong and Macao in talent training and scientific research, as well as the cordial exchange and communication with the visiting groups from Hong Kong represented by Dr. Choi Yuk-lin, the Secretary for Education of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, President Li Lu also highly affirmed the efforts and achievements made by the Federation, the backbone loving our country and Hong Kong, for the educational exchange between Hong Kong and Zhejiang.



Accompanied by President Li Lu and Secretary Zhang Qing, the visiting group also visited Ho Tin Library and exchanged gifts.





In the afternoon, accompanied by President Li Lu, the visiting group visited the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Provincial Government and was warmly received by Director Gu Jianxin, Deputy Director Yao Guowen and some other leaders. Director Gu Jianxin delivered a speech at the meeting and extended a warm welcome to the visit of the guests from the Federation. And he introduced the development of our province and the exchange and communication with Hong Kong to the guests in detail. Director Gu Jianxin reviewed and affirmed the important role of the Federation in the exchange and cooperation in the fields of education, science and technology, culture, and economy. He expected the Federation to continue to strengthen the exchange with Zhejiang and support Zhejiang to steadily promote high-quality development and build the demonstration area of common prosperity.