School of Management

School of Management includes 5 undergraduate specialties of Business Administration, Marketing, Property Management, Financial Management and Public Affairs Management, as well as 2 specialized specialties for professional training, in which Marketing Specialty is an advantageous specialty of Zhejiang and a top specialty of Zhejiang, and the Business Administration Specialty is a key specialty in Zhejiang, with nearly 2800 full-time internal students. The Schoolhas a teacher team with high theoretical level, abundant practice experience and reasonable system of succession, including 1 provincial famous teacher, 2 Zhejiang 151 talents, 1 leading talent of higher education in Zhejiang (high-level top talent), and 2 young and middle-aged discipline leaders of higher education in Zhejiang, with proportion of teachers with senior professional titles of 60%. At the same time, the School has a team of specially-invited professors and enterprise experts with abundant discipline theories, as well as teaching and practice experience. Besides, the Schoolorganizes learning and exchange activities with teachers and students of different countries and regions such as South Korea and Taiwan every year at regular basis.

The School has independent financial shared service center, comprehensive laboratory for enterprise management sand table simulation and comprehensive laboratory for entrepreneurship. The experimental center for humanities and social sciences provides the Schoolwith modern teaching facilities such as experimental platform for management and business, ERP training center, business negotiation laboratory, accounting computerization and manual simulation laboratory. The Schoolcooperates with private enterprises in Zhejiang, to establish many teaching and practice bases, including the base group of Hangzhou Jianggan District of Zhejiang Shuren University, the base group of “Taizhou practice and high-tech business incubator” and the base group of “Haiyan practice and high-tech business incubator”. Cooperating with Jiangsu China Coal Group, the Schoolestablishes the “innovative base for practice and teaching, scientific research services and management”. Working together with Zhejiang Redrock Group, the School establishes the “Key Practice and Education Base for SchoolStudents of Zhejiang” (Zhejiang higher education No. [2015] 5), to create favorable conditions for students to accumulate specialized knowledge and improve practical abilities.

The School lays emphasis on teaching reforms, teaching management, teaching quality as well as comprehensive quality and practical ability of students. With the teaching idea of “solid foundation, large ranges and teaching both practical knowledge and principles”, the Schooladvocates to the “practical + innovative” spirit, to cultivate senior applied talents with solid professional theoretical basis, practical handling abilities and favorable career development potential that can meet social demands. The unique issue-oriented “applied ability construction” teaching mode with the carrier of projects, to cultivate students with core specialized abilities, with practicalness and creativity. Complete vocational certificate training system has been established, to assist students to acquire professional certificates such as “Certificate of Accounting Profession”, CAMA certificate (certified management accountant, with international recognition) and NCIE (National Certificate of Information Engineering ERP Application Qualification). The “two-level tutor system” teaching and scientific research mode, the “dormitory-oriented education” mode and the customized cultivation mode based on cooperation between university and enterprise are highlighted and featured engineering of the school. The Schoolhas provided a large batch of management talents with strong adaptation and creation to the society for these years, and has been widely praised by the society and employers, with employment rate of at least 96%.

Cooperating with Zhejiang Redrock Group and Shengquan Holding Group, the university enrolls ordinary candidates and cultivates marketing and business management talents in a customized way according to the post requirements of enterprises (the tuition fee is totally subsidized by related enterprises). The Schoolhas cultivated three sessions of “Redrock marketing class” and two sessions of “DexinShengquan Business Management class”, and the second session of the class is still studying at the school, and all the graduates are backbones of the enterprises. At present, the “study-employment zero distance” connection mode is the only one in all higher education in our country.