Return back to A Dream in Red Mansions theme activity
Thu, Jul 1 2021 19:24 times

Return back to A Dream in Red Mansions theme activity:

The activity had the theme ofReturn back to a Dream in Red Mansions. The activity was organized to advocate to Chinese traditional culture and propagateA Dream in Red Mansions, one of the four great classical novels, so that students can understand and experience the charms of the novel. The activity was divided into three parts. The first part: Stalled were set up at the door of the gymnasium in the north campus, to set many small games on the site. The NPCs inA Dream in Red Mansionsconducted interaction with players, to propagate the party after one week. The second party:“Lucky”players were selected randomly in the south campus and the north campus on April 27 for questions and answers about knowledge of A Dream in Red Mansions, and a present would be given to the player who answered the question.The third part: Five classical plots ofA Dream in Red Mansionswould be performed in Linqi Family Tradition Academy on May 1, and theexcellentactors with Han Chinese costumes would lead audiences into the world ofA Dream in Red Mansions.