School of Biology and Environmental Engineering
China-Belarus International Conference on the Application of Natural Cellulose Environment Functional Materials in Biological Purification and 2022 Summer Academic Seminar on the Establishment of Master's Program in Resources and Environment
Tue, Sep 20 2022 16:29 times

On Aug. 29, China-Belarus International Conference on the Application of Natural Cellulose Environment Functional Materials in Biological Purification was held in Lixing Hall on the 4th floor of Hangzhou San Li New Century Grand Hotel. The conference was organized by the School of Biology and Environmental Engineering and the Interdisciplinary Research Academy of Zhejiang Shuren University, and sponsored by International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Programthe National Natural Science Foundation of China. On this conference, domestic and overseas experts and teachers of PI research teams were invited to give wonderful reports by centering on the application of natural cellulose environment functional materials in the field of biological purification.

Chen Jun, Vice President of Zhejiang Shuren University presided over the conference. He said that the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and new pollutant control were national strategic needs and current research hot-spots. He hoped that we could work together to find breakthroughs, and emphasized the importance of mutual promotion through academic exchange activities, and hoped to further facilitate scientific research cooperation and exchanges in and out of the university through this conference. And then, Professor Pan Bingcai from Nanjing University gave us a keynote report entitled Challenges and Exploration in the Practical Process of Water Treatment Nanomaterials and Technologies.

Five teachers from our university, including Wang Zeyu, gave excellent reports respectively.

On the afternoon, Prof. Pavel N. Nesterenk from Lomonosov Moscow State University made the report entitled The Universal Adsorption Platform for Selective Pre-concentration and Determination of Transition and Heavy Metals. Prof. Sang Nan of Shanxi University, Prof. Dzmitry Hrynshpan and Prof. Tatsiana Savitskaya from Belarusian State University gave the report entitled Bamboo and Bamboo Cellulose as the Raw Materials for Charcoal and Carbon Materials Production. Prof. Yao Huaiying from Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made the report on Microbial Regulation Mechanism of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, introducing the key processes of biogeochemical cycles of soil carbon and nitrogen and the mechanism of microbial action; Prof. Zhang Shihan from Zhejiang University of Technology gave a report titled "Research Progress of Carbon Neutral CO2 Capture Technology", showing us the technical characteristics and application prospects of carbon capture vividly and interestingly; Researcher Zhang Qinghua from the Ecology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences made a report entitled Research Progress of New Pollutants, introduced the analysis methods, migration, photodegradation behavior and metabolic transformation of some new pollutants, and made a prospect of the research of new pollutants, mentioning the emission inventory, environmental processes, ecological risks and health impacts of new pollutants would be the focus of the next research. All the invited experts gave fascinating presentations.

In the end, Dean Liu Weiping of the Interdisciplinary Research Academy of Zhejiang Shuren University made a summary of the conference. Dean Liu mentioned that only when we did our own research work seriously, had good results, could we better communicate with other researchers and achieve cooperation and mutual promotion.

This international conference provided a very good academic exchange platform for teachers of our university. By sharing research content and research results, and communicating the latest research progress with experts outside the university, we further obtained new research ideas, and meanwhile, laid a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation in the future.