Our University was Selected into the 2022 Provincial-Level Advanced Training Class Program for Modern Service Industry
Mon, May 9 2022 11:14 times

In order to implement the decisions and deployment of the Party Committee and the Government of Zhejiang Province on high-quality development and construction of the demonstration zone for common prosperity, focus on major national and provincial strategies such as the digital economy and future communities, and promote the high-quality development of the modern service industry in Zhejiang Province, our university’s Modern Service Research Institute actively made plans and gave full play to the advantages of industry-university cooperation in Qi Cai Shuren Future Community, and designed a training program with the theme of “Future Community Operation and Management” for high-level talents in the community service industry in Zhejiang Province.

After the argumentation of the experts of review committee and the announcement of the results of Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Department, the "Future Community Operation Management" Advanced Training Class of our university was selected as the 2022 Advanced Training Class Project for Modern Service Industry in Zhejiang Province. Later, the Modern Service Research Institute will cooperate with the School of Continuing Education, the School of Economics and Social Welfare, and the School of Management, as well as Qi Cai Culture and Technology Group to implement the plans jointly, in order to lay the foundation for the university to build MPA training base, improve the ability of master tutors and apply for master's degree programs.