A Brief Introduction to the School of Continuing Education of Zhejiang Shuren University


The School of Continuing Education of Zhejiang Shuren University is the secondary college in the university that undertakes adults’ higher education and continuing education, and consists of the self-taught examination tutorship center, the training center, the overseas study service center and the national vocational skills appraisal institute. After years of development, the undergraduate and junior college education systems, including the spare-time education for adults, adult correspondence courses and self-study examination tutorship, have been formed; and there are also non-academic education systems, for example, various language training, overseas study, training for professional skill certificates and occupational skill appraisal.

Now this College hasmore than 20 majors of undergraduate and junior collegefor the high academic education of adults, including business administration, international trade, accounting and art design. After completing the courses stipulated in the teaching plan of the major and passing examinations, the students who meet the graduation requirements will get the graduation certificate of academic qualifications recognized by the country. Since 1997, the Schoolhas began the higher education examination program for the self-study tutorship, and obtained the qualification of chief examiner for the major of industrial design of self-study undergraduate course in Zhejiang Province in 2018. At present, the School totally owns more than 10 majors for self-studyundergraduate programand junior college, including industrial design, international trade, and business administration, financial management of enterprises and interior design.

In order to meet the needs of young students to become talents and help them improve their employment competitiveness,the Schoolattaches great importance to the dual development of "skills" and "academic qualifications", and makes full use of the "Designated InstitutionofHangzhou University Student Skills Training" and the Vocational Skills Appraisal Center tobuilda good platformforstudent entrepreneurshipandemployment.

The School also makes full use ofthe university’sadvantages ininternationalcooperation and exchanges, and gives full play to the service function of the Overseas Study Service Center. It has established good inter-collegeexchanges and cooperation relations with universities in more than 30 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Hong Kongand Taiwan through the one-stop serviceof "language training enhancement + overseas universitycoordination+ intermediary servicesthroughout the wholeprocess"toprovide a good service platform for students who are willing to study abroad.

It gives full play to its advantages of running the School in the universityand gathers many excellent teachers inside and outside the university with rich teaching experience to teach students andensure the quality of teaching; all students who are enrolled in this College in full-time study classes will live under the same roof,eat at the same table and study on the same campus as ordinary full-time students, share campus culture and social activity platform, and fully experience university life.The School is committed to helping students improve their comprehensive personal qualities and professional skills, and providingthe best services for students'higher educationand employment.

Contacts of Offices:

Office of theSchool: 88297136

Office of Teaching Affairs: 88297168

Departmentof CorrespondenceEducation: 88297126

Office of Self-study Examination: 88297197

Enrollment Office: 88297137

Training Center: 88297151

Office of the League and Students: 88299845

Overseas Study Service Center: 88298513