Visual Communication Design

This majoris one of the majors of the key discipline (Design Art) of Zhejiang universities, and it is also a provincial first-class undergraduate major and an international education and cultivation major. This major cultivates high-level application-oriented art and design talents who“are good at creativity, design, production and printing”with strong innovative design practice ability to meet the needs of the information age.

Employment prospects: after graduation, students can work in various visual communication design research institutions, national image design institutions, graphic design companies, digital media image design companies, advertising design companies, cultural innovation economic entities, design department of cultural and entertainment economic entities, design department of e-commerce economic service entities, as teachers in primary and secondary schools,the planning and design departments of enterprises and institutions to be engaged in online and offline graphic design, APP design, logo design, visual image design, web page design, packaging design, book design, layout design, illustration, chartand annual report design, window design, exhibition design, various advertising designs, graphics and image processing, etc., and can start their own businesses too.

Environmental Design

This majoris one of the majors of the key discipline (Design Art) of Zhejiang universities and an application-oriented construction major. This major mainly cultivates advanced application-oriented art and design talents with "solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong adapt ability, strong practical ability and innovative & entrepreneurial spirit", which are needed by economic construction and social development in the new century, to achieve the talent training goal of "being able to design, being creative, being good at learning and understanding engineering". Environmental design refers to the spatial planning of environmental art engineering and the comprehensive plan of artistic conception scheme, including environment and facilities plan, space and decoration plan, modeling and structure plan, use function and aesthetic function plans, etc. Environmental design is a comprehensive art system engineering, an interdisciplinary and comprehensive major, involving many fields such as fine arts, sculpture, decorative culture, basic knowledge of architecture, garden art, ergonomics, design schools, materials science, psychology, etc. The design contents include urban design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, exhibition design, public art design and other space design contents.It has certain representativeness whether in the scope of professional theories or the diversity of professional skills.

Employment prospects: the major of environmental design is mainly for related enterprisesand institutions, design institutions, architectural or landscaping companies, real estate companies and urban planning departments. Graduates can take the positions of interior design and landscape design, and beengaged in interiorenvironmental design, architectural decoration design, urban residential area planning, landscape design, landscaping design and project implementation, project management, etc., and can start their own businesses.

Product Design

This majoris one of the majors of the key discipline (Design Art) of Zhejiang universities and an application-oriented construction major. Based in Zhejiang, this major caters to the needs of manufacturing, culture creativity, Internet and other industries, advocates the professional spirit of "being good at innovation and skilled indesign", focuses on specialization and industrialization, and cultivates advanced application-oriented product design talents with solid research ability, keen design thinking, adept design expression ability, entrepreneurial spirit and international vision. This major has basically formed a characteristic teaching system of "adept basic vocational skills + innovation ability + industry knowledge", implemented three-involving measure of " projects involved inthe class,industry teachers involved inthe class,eventsinvolved inthe class", invited famous teachers at home and abroad such as Japana nd Taiwan Province and set up workshops and other forms withenterprises to improve students' interest in learning and cultivate students' practical application ability. Students of this major have won many gold and silver awards in various competitions at home and abroad, and have accumulated more than 500 patents on utility modeland other aspects, showing strong comprehensive innovative design ability.

Employment prospects: Graduates can be employedina wide range of fields. They can not only be engaged in product innovation design, interaction and experience design, business model design and communication design related to products in enterprises and institutions, professional design institutions and Internet companies, but also sell their own designed products and start their own businesses. They can also choose tocontinue their study bytaking postgraduate exams and studying abroad.There are cases of past graduates working as interactive designers in large Internet companies such as Alibaba and Tencent, as product designers in leading enterprises such as Hikvision, AIA Ceiling and Treezo Board, as well as well-known design companies such as Re & Der, Tao-design and Hando, and entering famous domestic schools such as Guomei and Jiangnan University for postgraduate study and continuing their studyby studying abroad in Britain, Germanyand other countries.


This major is an application-oriented construction major. This major mainly combines modern digital technology with animation design to provide multi-angle and comprehensive education, and cultivates application-oriented animation professionals who have high moral quality, artistic accomplishment, designemotions and craftsman spirit,and can master solid design theories, own innovation and practical ability of this major, and have comprehensive quality with a wide range of employment opportunities. Through a systematic and scientific teaching system, students can master a series of technologies related to film and television animation and game production, such as 2D animation, 3D animation, commercial illustration and digital video post-production, while mastering the theories of film and television animation, illustration, video shooting and game design, so as toserve ashigh-quality talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, taking the positions of animation designers, illustrators, game designers, animation derivative product design, film and television shooting professionals, etc.

Employment prospects: After graduation, studentscan be engaged in animation directing, design, online game art design and original cartoon and illustration design in the departments of film and television, broadcasting media, publishing design and digital entertainment.

Arts and Crafts

This major focuses on the study of the classic craft design language and the inheritance of traditional culture, works on the cultivation of ingenuity, and is based on serving the regional cultural industry economy in Zhejiang. Through the study of craft design principles and studio practice,students canmaster the two-dimensional and three-dimensional expression techniques, be familiar with the properties, composition principles and corresponding expression techniques of various craftmaterials, so that the major can cultivate application-oriented creative design talents who "are creative and able to design, understand crafts and are good at production" with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and creativity, who can independently create by using various craft materials, and can be competent in decorative arts design, design and production of soft package handicrafts, design and production of handicrafts, and promotion of cultural industries.

Employment prospects: After graduation, students can design and create handicrafts, set up independent design studios, apply for works at museums at all levels and art auction houses, participate in the application of non-legacy cultural projects and the promotion of related industrial projects, and been gaged in design and production work at professional design departments or manufacturing enterprises.