School of Urban Construction​

The school has relatively complete theoretical teaching and practical teaching conditions. In addition, the school has specialized multi-media classrooms. The Urban Construction Engineering Experimental Center of the Provincial-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center includes 15 laboratories, i.e., the structural engineering laboratory, the engineering measurement laboratory, the building material laboratory, the mechanics of material laboratory, the complex laboratory for engineering geology, the soil engineering laboratory, the laboratory for digital city and virtual environment, the hydraulics laboratory, the engineering design laboratory, the building model laboratory, the architectural physics laboratory, the landscape plant laboratory, the complex laboratory for building and urban environment information model (BIM), the laboratory for fundamental training of design and the simulation laboratory for traffic organization of urban railway system. Besides, the school has 20 practical teaching bases such as Zhejiang Southeast Net Rack Co., Ltd., Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Zhejiang East China Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., ZhejiangDadi Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang East China Construction Enginering Co., Ltd., Yuegong Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Hongcun Village Hotel in Yi County, Huangshan, covering Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Suzhou and Yi County in Anhui. The school has worked together with nearly 30 units such as Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Architectural Design Institute of Zhejiang, Industrial Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang and the 2ndArchitecture Design Institute Steel Structure Co., Ltd., to establish stable cooperation relations, so as to ensure training of practical ability and innovative awareness of students.

With the operation of more than 30 years, the school has provided large amounts of excellent graduates to the society, and many of them have been leaders and business backbones of related units and departments, and have been highly praised by the society. The graduates of the school have had relatively stable employment conditions in recent years, with favorable development prospect. The average employment of the graduates in the recent three years has achieved more than 96%, in which the employment rate of 2018 achieves 96.57%, that of 2019 achieves 99.38% and that of 2020 achieves 94.29%. According to the return visit investigation conducted by MYCOS entrusted by the school, the employment correlation of graduates of 2020 is 72.58, far more than the average level of universities of the province. The general satisfaction and the recommendation of graduates of 2019 rank the top in the whole university.

The School of Urban Construction is promoting teaching reform works such as “thousand-people teachers”, “virtual class”, “industry schools”, “Golden Course construction”, “Course Ideological and Political education” and “Convergence Media Education”, to cultivate senior applied talents and improve education and teaching quality.

Consulting telephone for enrollment: 0575-85600905, 0575-85600904, 0571-88297127, 0571-88297128