President's Welcome

Zhejiang Shuren University is one of the earliest private universities in China, approved for early license of undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education in China.

Zhejiang Shuren University is one of the best private universities in China. It won the first place in the competitiveness ranking of China’s private undergraduate colleges for many consecutive years, and remains one of the top private universities in China. In 2004,  President Xi Jinping visited the university while he was working in Zhejiang Province. He highly affirmed the methods of running the university and gave his ardent hopes to Zhejiang Shuren University.

Zhejiang Shuren University is one of the most promising private universities in China. Focusing on disciplinary development, the university has covered various academic disciplines, including medicine, literature, economics, management, science, law, engineering and art, thereby forming a systemized and professional foundation for consistent development. With approximately 20,000 native and international teachers and students at Zhejiang Shuren University, we are striving for opening further and cooperating with universities and institutions all over the world, to improve public welfares.

Zhejiang Shuren University provides an inclusive, friendly and respectful environment that celebrates cultural and ethnic diversities. Welcome to Zhejiang Shuren University to study and work! We assure you a most enjoyable and memorable experience.