In order to encourage foreign students to work hard and observe laws and disciplines, foreign students can apply for scholarship of Chinese governments, Zhejiang provincial government and Hangzhou municipal government. In addition, students can apply for “Excellent Scholarship for Foreign Students” established specialty by Zhejiang Shuren University as well as various single-item scholarships. The scholarships are managed by International Student Scholarship Review Committee and implemented by School of International Education, which are evaluated once every year. In addition, Zhejiang Shuren University provides reasonable and satisfying scholarship for international students in each semester.

The evaluation conditions for scholarships:

(1) Observe laws and regulations of China as well as disciplines and regulations of the university; respect teachers and staffs; get well along with students and maintain and promote friendship of people among different countries.

(2) Study in a diligent, rigor and earnest way, with courage and excellent performance.

(3) Participate in various activities organized by the School and the university actively.

(4) Learn in the university for at least one year.