School of Economics and Social Welfare

As the School of the largest scale of Zhejiang Shuren University, School of Economics and People’s Well-being was originally the School of Foreign Trade and Economics and School of Modern Services. With the School motto of “broad and strong mind, knowledgeability, innovation and practicalness”, the School cultivates applied, versatile and innovative talents needed by economic and social development in the future aiming at development of producer services and living services. After construction of more than 20 years, it has been developed to a School with certain influences and distinctive features of business studies in our country, with the following four features and advantages:

Firstly, it has profound discipline construction strength. The specialty has three first-level disciplines (economics, management and sociology), and the “Applied Economics” has been selected as provincial top disciplines. The “Zhejiang Modern Service Industry Research Center” is a provincial key research base for philosophy, and social sciences, and the “Modern Service Industry Research Team” is a provincial key innovative team. Based on research fields such as “Internet+” industry system, the “Belt and Road” opening policies and rural revitalization and livelihood engineering, it provides services to state strategies and local economic and social development, and many of the result achievements have been replied by provincial leaders with written instructions.

Secondly, it has perfect talent cultivation system. The School has 8 undergraduate specialties (International Economics and Trade, International Business, Investment, Logistics Management, Tourism Management, Exhibition Economics and Management, Social Work and Housecraft), 1 featured specialty field (Tea Culture and Trade field of International Economics and Trade Specialty), 3 specialized specialties for professional training (International Finance, Electronic Business and Elderly Services and Management), with more than 4000 full-time students. The School has significant specialty construction achievements, and the International Economics and Trade Specialty is selected as national featured specialties and provincial advantageous specialties. International Economics and Trade Specialty and Social Work Specialty are selected into provincial top specialties.

Thirdly, it has distinctive talent cultivation features. Insisting on applied talent cultivation positioning, it builds the “government-industry-education-research-enterprise” integration community with the carrier of industry institute (School of Modern Industries), to promote connection between talent cultivation chain and production chain & innovation chain. With Shanyuhai Business School, School of Financial Information Services, School of Cross-border E-commerce, Alibaba Digital Trade School, Jingdong Logistics School, School of International Tea Culture and School of Elderly Care and Housecraft Industry, the School realizes full coverage of all specialties. The “Housecraft Service Industry Industry-education Integration Alliance” is selected into Zhejiang “five first-batch” name list for industry-education integration, to construct a leading School for industry-education integration pilot city construction in our country. The School has 2 second prizes of applied, versatile and innovative talent cultivation exploration and practice in provincial teaching achievements.

Fourthly, it has excellent student development ability. With the “pilot plan for student development”, the School establishes the incubators for “innovation and entrepreneurship”, to provide services to the whole course of the university life. Students can experience in-depth integration between theories and practice in Liqinju Tea Art House, the Exhibition Association and the Financial Association, and can experience innovation and entrepreneurship in specialized practice platforms such as the “Small and Mini Investment Studio”, the “Start Sky Entrepreneurship Alliance” and the “College Student Fashion Life Exhibition”; in addition, they can experience joys in specialized quality and ability upgrading in discipline competitions such as “Career Planning Competition”, “Securities Investment Competition” and “Exhibition Planning Idea Competition”. In recent years, the students of the School have been awarded with the national silver prize in “Internet+ College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” named as “the first competition for innovation and entrepreneurship”, as well as more than 100 prizes in provincial competitions. The employment rate of graduates is kept above 97%, and the entrepreneurship rate is 5.01% (higher than the average standard of the whole province and the university).

Happy family and country depends on economics and livelihood. School of Economics and Social Welfare has vast development space and splendid prospect! We will operate based on students and education quality, and will create fortunes for the society and create happiness for families!