The 2022 Senior Workshop on "the Operation and Management of Future Communities” of Zhejiang Province Was Sucecessfully Organized by Our University
Mon, Jul 25 2022 13:44 times

From July 6th to 8th, the 2022 Senior Workshop of Zhejiang Modern Service Industry on "the Operation and Management of Future Communities" was held at Nade Hotel. President Li Lu, Vice President Chen Xinmin, and Chen Yinbo, Director of the Personnel Education and Guidance Service Center of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. A total of 65 people from more than 20 organizations, including middle and senior management personnel of community enterprises, researchers of colleges and universities, and administrative staff from the housing and urban-rural development departments of governments, participated in the three-day workshop.

This workshop was hosted by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province, and organized by the Modern Service Research Institute and the School of Continuing Education of our university. Prof. Li Lu, President of our university, Prof. Wu Jiebing from Zhejiang University, Prof. Yu Xiaofen, Vice President of Zhejiang University of Technology, Prof. Zhu Hongying and Prof. Chen Yourong from our university, Yang Pan, Vice President of Qi Cai Future Community, and the expert Yu Huaping, respectively gave seven high-level lectures entitled Practice and Thinking on Future Communities Coping with the Aging Society Positively, Construction and Governance of Future Communities, Intelligent Management of Future Communities, Key Issues in Governance of Development and Application of Smart Elderly Care Products in Future Communities, Integrated Solutions for the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Future Communities and How to Create a Future Community, and organized students to visit Qi Cai Future Community. The contents of this workshop covered all aspects of the planning, construction, governance, and operation of future communities, to help students understand the connotation, purposes, and significance of the construction of future community, and master key points of the construction, hot spots of the governance, and difficulties of the operation and maintenance of different types of future communities.