The Research Results of Dr. Wang Qunlong et al. of Our University Got Approved by the Government Leaders of Zhejiang Province
Fri, Jun 17 2022 13:56 times

Recently, Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles (Zhejiang Social Sciences Planning Office) published the notice that the suggestions on governance of national affairs proposed by our university’s Dr. Wang Qunlong et al., Solutions and Suggestions for Optimizing the Application of Health Scenarios of Future Community in Our Province, was selected and published in Zhejiang Social Science News in the 62nd Issue in 2022, and approved and commented by the government leaders of Zhejiang Province.


In this paper, the team analyzed the problems existing in the application of health scenarios, and put forward relevant solutions and suggestions. The main points included that it needed to: 1. Pay attention to residents' participation, build cooperation platforms, integrate effective resources, and strive to improve the application model of multi-subject consultation, co-construction, and sharing; 2. Improve facility supply, speed up standard construction, strengthen service guarantee, and strive to create a three-in-one support system of scenario application of "supply, operation and maintenance, and guarantee"; 3. Enhance technological innovation, pay attention to the multi-party interaction, improve performance assessment and strive to build the service system of scenario application of "online and offline interconnection, inter-hospital communication, and home-community interaction".