Our Teaching Team of Home Economics Gave Lectures to the Training Class for Senior Managers of Home Services Industry of Zhejiang Province
Wed, Oct 27 2021 14:18 times

On October 25th, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province held a training class for senior managers of home services industry in Hangzhou. Senior managers from more than 150 home services enterprises and institutional platforms from 10 districts and cities across Zhejiang province participated in the training. Wang Qunlong and Guo Renhan, teachers from the teaching team of home economics of our university were invited to teach the training class.

Dr. Wang Qunlong taught the course of "International Frontiers of Home Services and Development of Home Services Industry". By analyzing the frontiers of international and Asian home services and the development trend of digital home services industry, he shared the contents of homemaking information technology, process optimization of home services and service quality control from two aspects of technology and service.

Dr. Guo Renhan gave lectures and mainly analyzed the legal issues of home services industry from the perspectives of "What is law", "Civil Code and Home Services", "Company Law and Home Services" and "Labor Law and Home Services".

After the class, students crowded around the teachers, seeking answers to practical problems they encountered in management. The lectures were highly praised by the organizers and students, which improved the influence of the major of home economics of Zhejiang Shuren University, and opened up new resources and new approaches for the construction of the major of home economics.