Zhejiang Shuren University Signed the University-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Zhejiang Zhongyi Testing Research Institute Corporation
Mon, May 16 2022 13:30 times

As a specific measure to further promote the combination of industry, education and research, strengthen university-enterprise cooperation, and promote the quality and upgradation of our university, Zhejiang Shuren University and Zhejiang Zhongyi Testing Research Institute Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyi Testing Corporation) drawn a beautiful blueprint for university-enterprise cooperation together.

On May 16th, the signing ceremony of the University-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Zhejiang Shuren University and Zhongyi Testing Corporation was held in the meeting room of the Interdisciplinary Research Academy of our university.


President Li Lu first delivered a welcome speech. He spoke highly of the university-enterprise cooperation and believed that it was a win-win choice and also a beneficial exploration of realizing university-enterprise cooperation and building a community of shared future, which would provide a new model for our university's road of "quality improvement and upgrading".


And then, Liu Weiping, Dean of the Interdisciplinary Research Academy, delivered a speech. He shared some thoughts on the cooperation between our university and Zhongyi Testing Corporation, and expressed his good vision for the cooperation between both parties.

Ying Saixia, Chairman of Zhongyi Testing Corporation, made a speech subsequently. She pointed out, through 16 years of continuous development and experience accumulation, Zhongyi Testing Corporation would provide powerful support on scientific research, talent training and multidisciplinary study of our university.

And finally, our Vice President Ye Shiping signed the University-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Chairman Ying Saixia. From the perspective of strategic cooperation, both parties reached a strategic cooperation intention to strengthen comprehensive cooperation in education, technology, talents and other fields. In the future, they will give full play to the advantages of scientific research, talent training and multidisciplinary study of the research academy of our university, and combine with the technical reserves of enterprises in the fields of ecological environment testing, judicial expertise of environmental damage, sanitation testing, safety evaluation, energy conservation evaluation and farmland soil restoration, in order to meet the urgent needs of talent team construction and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and will also carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of scientific research cooperation, talent training and base construction.

It is learned that this is another important step on the road of "quality improvement and upgrading" after our university signed a university-enterprise strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongyi Testing Certification Co., Ltd. in November last year. The Interdisciplinary Research Academy of our university aims to build a comprehensive platform for teaching, scientific research and social services covering environmental quality monitoring, human health monitoring, and food safety monitoring as the main directions. This signing ceremony marks a solid step for both parties on the road of university-enterprise cooperation and common progress, which will promote the deep cooperation between the Interdisciplinary Research Academy and enterprises, serve for the development of our university and social people's livelihood better, and play a new role in the pioneering practice of Zhejiang's construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity and the realization of the blueprint for a beautiful Zhejiang in the new era.