Notification on Holding the Fourth Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum (The Second Round)
Sat, Oct 9 2021 11:01 times

In order to reinforce Chinese-Belarusian exchange and cooperation in culture, education, scientific research and other fields; promote mutual inclusiveness, communication and learning among the youth of China and Belarus; to enhance cultural, educational and technological exchanges between China and countries along the “Belt and Road”, Zhejiang Shuren University and Belarusian State University will collaboratively hold the Fourth “Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum” in November in Hangzhou, China. The specific information is as follows. 

I. Theme and Topics 

1. Theme “Intelligence, Environment and Health: The Youth’s Responsibility, Missions and Duties in the Global-Pandemic Era” 

2. Topics (1) Environmental Restoration (2) Health Promotion (3) Intelligent Healthcare (4) Functional Ecomaterials 

II. Hosts and Organizers 

Hosts: Zhejiang Shuren University 

           Belarusian State University 

Organizers: Belarus Research Center 

                    Key Laboratory of Pollution Exposure and Health Intervention Technology Research

                    International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Remote Sensing Image Application 

                   Zhejiang Modern Service Industry Research Center 

                   Zhejiang Home Economics Service Industry-Education Integration Alliance 

             Zhejiang Shuren University China - Belarus Joint Laboratory for Environmental Friendly Product Development and Technology Transformation

III. Forum Scale 

The forum will be held both online and offline. According to the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, the number of the offline attendees in China should be no more than 200. The attendees abroad will attend this forum online in their own countries. IV. Date and Venue Date: November 6 to 7, 2021 Venue: Zhejiang Hotel, Hangzhou, China 

V. Agenda

Note: A final notification will be provided if there are any modifications. 

VI. How to Attend

Please fill in the Acknowledgement of Receipt and send the form to by October 15, 2021.

The language spoken in the forum is English. The attendees are welcome to submit an English thesis abstract (for template, please see the appendix), either on the topic of Environmental Restoration, Health Promotion, Intelligent Healthcare, or Functional Ecomaterials. The abstracts will be selected by the Organization Committee and the authors will be invited to make a presentation in the Sub-forums. Scholars in China and abroad are all welcome to attend. 

Please send the thesis abstract to the corresponding e-mail box of each topic: 

The topic of Environmental Restoration: 

The topic of Health Promotion:

The topic of Intelligent Healthcare:

The topic of Functional Ecomaterials:

For further information, please contact the Office of International Affairs at Zhejiang Shuren University through the following telephone numbers: +86-571-88297039, 88297147, 88297013, 88299001.