Notification on Holding the 4th Chinese -Belarusian Youth Forum 2021
Fri, Jul 30 2021 08:39 times

Notification on Holding the Fourth Chinese -Belarusian Youth Forum 2021

(The First Round)

Zhejiang Shuren University and Belarusian State University will collaboratively hold the fourth “Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum” to enhance Chinese-Belarusian exchange and cooperation in culture, education, scientific research and other fields, and further promote mutual inclusiveness, communication and learning among youth from China, Belarus and other countries and regions. Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum is jointly initiated by Zhejiang Shuren University and Belarusian State University, which has been successfully held biennially for three sessions and received consistent attention and guidance from overseas sister universities and all sectors of society. This forum will further promote the achievements of Chinese-Belarusian cooperation, enhance cultural exchange, and promote educational and technological exchange among China, Belarus and other countries and regions..

The specific information is as follows.

I. Theme and Topics of the Forum

1. Theme

“Intelligence, Environment and Health: The Youth’s Responsibility, Missions and Duties in the Global-Pandemic Era”

2. Topics

(1) Environmental Restoration

(2) Health Promotion

(3) Intelligent Healthcare

II. Date and Venue of the Forum

Date: From November 6 to 7, 2021.

Venue: Zhejiang Shuren University, Hangzhou, China.

III. How to Attend

The forum will be held online and offline. According to the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, the number of the attendees offline in China should be no more than 200; the attendees abroad will attend this forum online in their own countries.

IV. Agenda of the Forum


November 6


November 7







Opening Ceremony

(Online & Offline)

Sub-forum 1: Environmental Restoration

Sub-forum 2 : Health Promotion

Sub-forum 3: Intelligent Healthcare

(Online& Offline)


Keynote Speech I

Keynote Speech II

Keynote Speech III

(Online & Offline)


Closing Ceremony

(Online & Offline)

Note: A final notification will be provided if there are any modifications.

V. How to Register

The language used for the forum is English, and scholars in China and abroad are welcome to attend. Please fill in the Acknowledgement of Receipt and send the form to before September 15, 2021.

The attendees are also welcome to submit English abstract of a thesis either on the topic of Environmental Restoration, Health Promotion, or Intelligent Healthcare. The Organization Committee will select the best ones and invite their authors to do presentation in the Sub-forums. The requirements on the abstract are as follows: no more than 500 words within 5 keywords, and the font is Times New Roman. Please send the abstract to the corresponding e-mail box of each topic before September 15, 2021:

The topic of Environmental Restoration:

The topic of Health Promotion:

The topic of Intelligent Healthcare:

VI. Specific Location of the Forum and the Accommodation

The specific location of the forum and the accommodation will be informed in the second-round notification.

For any further information, please contact the Office of International Affairs at Zhejiang Shuren University through the following telephone numbers: +86-571-88297039, 88297147, 88297013, 88299001.

Appendix: Acknowledgement of Receipt

Acknowledgement of Receipt




Topic Selected (Environmental Restoration, Health Promotion, or Intelligent Healthcare)


Note: Please send it to before September 15, 2021.