Representatives of Our University Visited Belarus to Attend the 3rd International Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum
Thu, Apr 25 2019 12:57 times

From April 23-24, 2019,the 3rd InternationalChinese-Belarusian Youth Forumwas held in Minsk, Belarus. This forumwas jointly organized by Belarusian State University,Zhejiang Shuren Universityand the United Nations Development Programme Belarus Representative Office and the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences of Belarusian Academy of Sciences. The theme of the forum is "Commemoration on the 150th Anniversary of the Discovery of Mendeleev's Chemical Periodic Table--Interdisciplinary Perspective". More than 100 representatives from the governments, universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises of the two countries attended the forum. The forum was co-chaired by Professor Xu Xuqing, President of Zhejiang Shuren University, and Professor Andrei Carroll, President of Belarusian State University. Four young scholars and student representatives from our university delivered academic speeches in English at the forum.

Representatives visited the Department of Geography and the Museum of Geology of Belarusian State University

President Andrei Karol and the heads of related departments of Belarusian State University met with President Xu Xuqing and other team members.

Teachers and students of our university made reports on this Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum

Representatives attended the Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum Photo 1

Representatives attended the Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum Photo 2