High-end Foreign Experts Recruitment Program
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(1) Applicants are obliged to take initiative in both provincial and national scientific projects, take part in major projects and publish research articles on domestic and international core journals. Applicants must be highly skilled in scientific research, possess prominent academic potential and are exemplary at teamwork.

(2) Applicants ought to keep up to date with worldly disciplinary development trends. Applicants should offer creative suggestions to develop research, apply and utilise national key scientific research projects that aim could potentially offer insights and and valuable achievements for the development of ZJSRU.

(3) Applicants should keep note of national established methodologies. Applicants should figure out techniques to develop technology and adapt the subject depending on technique demands, in search of valuable scientific research achievements with independent intellectual property rights and industrial potential.

Qualifications and Requirements:

(1) The applicant should be a non-Chinese national expert. Applicant should possess a doctoral degree and hold the equivalent of associate professorship or above in a prominent foreign higher education or research institution/world-renowned enterprise/institution. A technician or manager in a senior leadership position in a world-renowned enterprise or institution is also eligible.

(2) The applicant should either: 

- Demonstrate outstanding capabilities in scientific innovation with research capabilities and achievements recognised by peers as at leading level. 

- Demonstrate strong abilities in culture management or intercultural communication with abundant achievements, and principally have participated in major business operation or international cultural exchanges. 

- Familiar with international rules of economic operation and intellectual property protection, and also should have abundant practical economic management experiences, as well as the high professional quality in financial analysis, product development, risk management, IT, international business, investment banking, asset management, financial derivatives investment with good performance and great impact.

(3) The applicant is expected to work for a minimum of three months in ZJSRU. The specific working period is dependent on the research team and contract. The applicants under the age of 70 would be preferred.


ZJSRU will provide compensation depending on the individual and the contractually agreed upon sum.


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