Long-term Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts
Thu, Jul 1 2021 08:08 times


Applicants should aim to progress the development of their field, improve the discipline within ZJSRU and develop the university’s talent pool. Applicants should aim to improve the quality of both teaching and research; communicate with international academics and collaborate with research. Applicants should aim to make outstanding research achievements and increase the international appeal of the facilities at ZJSRU.


(1) The applicant should be a non-Chinese expert. Applicant should possess the equivalent of a doctoral degree from a prestigious higher education, research institution, a world-renowned enterprise or financial institution. 

(2) The applicant should have experience in researching natural sciences, engineering technologies, economics, finance, management or other fields with extraordinary research capabilities. The applicant should have: published academic papers in core journals within the past 5 years; achieved recognised international awards in sciences or have mastered key technological tools or significant experimental skills valuable for scientific projects. 

(3) The applicant should register at ZJSRU within 6 months of application approval. The applicant is obliged to work at ZJSRU for a minimum of 9 months annually for three consecutive years. The applicants under the age of 60 years would be preferred.


ZJSRU will provide respectable compensation. The exact amount is dependent on the individual and contract.


Office of International Affairs

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