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Relying on specialties and majors of Zhejiang Shuren University such as Chinese Language and Literature, Modern Service Industry, Tourism Management, English/Japanese/Korean, Tea Culture, Artistic Design and Physical Education, the project has the basic principle of cultivating applied Chinese language talents. It has the main courses of Business Chinese and auxiliary courses such as Chinese Culture and Business Practice, to help students master the basic ability in utilizing business Chinese and understand economic hot issues and opening-up policies of modern China, so that they can adapt to the living in China or daily business practice with objectives of Chinese customers.

Enrollment objectives: Foreigners of overseas Chinese people with the lowest education background of senior high School(including senior high School) with the mother tongue of non-Chinese.

Study period: 16 weeks a semester (including exam)

Advantages of the Project

1. Zhejing enterprises have been highly praised by people at home and abroad with diligent spirit and opened and aggressive posture. In addition to basic knowledge such as Chinese language, Chinese culture and business practice, the project also includes practice links such as field investigation in Zhejiang enterprises, to provide students with opportunity to get close to Zhejiang enterprises and understand their unique enterprise cultures. Economic seminar is helpful to students to master foreign economic principles of China and reflect and exchange economic hot issues in modern China, to develop economic business to China in a better way.

2. Hangzhou, the city of the university, is known as “Heaven on Earth”, and has attracted large numbers of men of literature and writing, to see charming natural landscapes and bright human landscapes; in addition, students can experience the culture of Yangtze river delta. The university is situated in downtown of Hangzhou, with convenient traffic. The campus is closely adjacent to the famous Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, and students can have a rest or walk along with the canal after class, or they can read books and chat in teahouse, to feel the charm of the canal.

3. The entrance threshold is relatively low, and students have the opportunity of acquiring the scholarship, with flexible educational system. The education quality can be ensured with the international education system and the small-size classes. Professional and thoughtful subsequent services, specialized and perfect connection services, visa guidance, accommodation arrangement, living booklet, Collegework tuition and psychological consultation are provided to students.