National Han Chinese Costume Festival for college students
Thu, Jul 1 2021 19:35 times

National Han Chinese Costume Festival for college students:

As an important plate forrevitalizationof traditional Chinese trend, Han Chinese costumes have reappeared in front of the public in recent years. As the generic terms of Chinese ancient traditional costumes and a kind of traditional culture symbol for long, the disappearing and the reappearing of Han Chinese costumes represent for re-building of the cultural and value concept in our country.Young people become people who recover Han Chinese costumes after understanding Han Chinese costumes and the cultural connotations, forming the trend of Han Chinese costumes. The college student group is the best group to propagate Han Chinese costumes and traditional Chinese cultures. The Han Chinese costume festival for college students delivers Chinese culture and manifest Chinese civilization.

Sponsored by: Hangzhou Song City and Han Chinese costume IP research center

Undertaken by: Shouhua Co., Ltd. and Jumiao Culture

Cooperation brands: Hanke Silk Road, Sinange,“New Works in the Imperial Palace”of CCTV, Waiting You in the Summer Palace, Xueying Yicheng and Diche Tianqing

Competition forms: mass election, election in the university, final election

The mass election is conducted in an online way, and participants upload their photos and videos

Election in the university: About 20 candidates generated from mass election compete in the campus election competition (the judges are divided into two part: three judges of the sponsor and three judges of the university)

Final election: May, in Hangzhou Song City (the final of Zhejiang competition zone)

June, Ming and Qing palace of Hengdian World Studio (the national final)