Our University Becomes the Designated Organization for the Vocational Skill Training in Hangzhou
Mon, Jun 6 2022 11:16 times

Recently, our university signed a designated training agreement with Hangzhou Vocational Capacity Building Guidance Center, and officially became the designated vocational ability training organization recognized by Hangzhou Department of Human resources and Social Security.

Since February this year, our university has been officially approved as one of the first batch of social training and evaluation organizations directly subordinate to Zhejiang province, and is able to organize and carry out the vocational training and identification of tea art specialists and tea tasters within this province. In April, our university applied for the designated training organization directly subordinate to Hangzhou government, and was identified to have the training conditions for tea art specialists and baristas after experts’ review.

Our university attaches great importance to the social training work of the School of Continuing Education. At present, the training and identification places for tea art specialists, tea tasters and baristas have all been reconstructed. Next, the school will start to organize and carry out relevant vocational training and identification, and make contributions to "accelerate the construction of modern vocational education system, and train more high-quality technical and skilled personnel, skillful craftsmen and the great country’s craftsmen".