Our University Successfully Completed the Occupational Skill Level Identification for Tea Art Specialists for the First Time
Mon, Jun 6 2022 11:14 times

On May 28th, our university began the occupational skill level identification for tea art specialists for the first time, and completed the occupational skill level identification of primary level tea art specialist for 20 examinees. Zheng Qunmin, Deputy Director of the Skilled Talents Evaluation and Management Service Center of Zhejiang Province, Zhang Hua and Huang Yanhua from the Evaluation Supervision Department of the Center arrived at the examination rooms for guidance.

In February this year, our university was approved to become one of the first 35 social evaluation organizations directly subordinate to Zhejiang province. The university has also increased the investment in software and hardware required for evaluation and certification, and upgraded and rebuilt the training and certification rooms for tea tasters, tea art specialists and baristas.

Our university attached great importance to the identification work, and set up the working group of the certification examination, carefully organized, thoughtfully arranged and efficiently served the examination, and also strictly controlled relevant procedures in accordance with the notification of the Operation Guide to Vocational Skill Level Identification of Social Evaluation Organizations in Zhejiang Province (Trial). The theory examination was computer-based test by adopting provincial question bank, which reflected the characteristics of green examination, objectiveness and fairness through building an examination platform. At the same time, the surveillance cameras were adopted, so that the whole process of the examination could be recorded and traced back afterwards.

The Skilled Talents Evaluation and Management Service Center of Zhejiang Province highly appreciated the identification work of our university, and gave pertinent comments and suggestions. In the future, our university will improve the paperless examination system better, organically integrate the identification of vocational skill level with teaching, effectively promote the evaluation level and quality of skill level identification, and strive to become the model for social evaluation organizations of Zhejiang province.