Leaders of the University Investigated the "14th Five-Year" Development Plan of the School of Continuing Education
Thu, Mar 18 2021 17:52 times

On the morning of March 17th, President Li Lu, Vice President Ye Shiping, and Zhou Chaocheng,Director of Development Planning Division went tothe School ofContinuing Education for investigation, listened to thereporton the School’s"14th Five-Year" development plan, and charted the "14th Five-Year" development directionof the School. The members and supervisors ofthe School ofContinuing Education participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Dean Hu Jianwei first reviewed the main achievements of theSchoolduring the "13th Five-Year Plan" period on the basis of development, analyzed the existing problems and difficulties, and the opportunities and challenges facedby the School,andreportedthedevelopment vision of"14th Five-Year Plan"mainlyfrom the guiding ideology and development goals, and introduced the major tasks and measuresfrom five aspects: vigorously developing vocational skills education and training,implementinghigh-skilled talentprograms practically in details, striving to expand adultcollegeeducation, expanding and strengtheningtheself-studyexaminationmajorofindustrial designas the chief examiner, and striving to expand theservices ofstudying abroad, as well as thesupportingmeasures from three aspects: strengthening the leadership of theParty organization, effectively improving the conditions for runningschools, and strengthening the internal management of theSchool. Hong Guoyan,Secretary of thegeneralParty branch, additionally reported on the training programs of theSchoolduring the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the recent cooperation negotiations of the new team, and the training planin the"14th Five-Year Plan"period.

After listening to the reports, Zhou Chaocheng, Director of the Development Planning Division, further clarified the orientation and focus of theSchool’sdevelopment planin the"14th Five-Year Plan"period,what theSchoolcan do to upgrade the overall system of theuniversity, what are the characteristics of theSchool, andexpressedopinionsbyfocusingon trainingandbuilding brand courses.

Vice President Ye Shiping affirmed that the new team is full of energy. Regarding theSchool’sdevelopment planin the"14th Five-Year Plan"period, he pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the overall situation and improve the "14th Five-Year" plan,toactively connect with society, open up the internal and external markets, and continuously improve the mechanism and strengthen theSchool’s institutional improvement.

Principal Li Lu affirmed that the members of the previous team maintainedtheoperationof the Schooland made contributionssteadily and successfully; the new team did a lot of research in a short period of time,andworked hard tocarry out education work with raising enthusiasm. For theSchool’sdevelopment planin the"14th Five-Year Plan"period, President Li gave importantsuggestions: Firstly,toevaluate theone of"13th Five-Year"plan, we must compare the advantages and disadvantages of peers inside and outside the province, and finddifferences; secondly, we must carefully analyzethe opportunity of the“14th Five-Year Plan”ofZhejiang Provinceandthe characteristics of the university,and find new opportunities for the university; the third is to grasp the key points: 1. The majorofindustrial designofself-studyexaminationhas high efficiency and light burden. On the premise of doing a good job in the incremental demonstration of thechief examiner,it couldbedevelopedbigger and stronger;2. Serve Zhejiangby centering ontraining, and improve the social influence of Shuren University at the same time;3.Carry outin the evaluation of correspondence educationwell,throughcombinationwith the development of training;4.Thestudentswith technical skillswill returnto society completelyas planned.President Li also made it clear that in terms of supporting resources, theuniversitywill guarantee the basic resources ofthe School ofContinuing Education, andthe School ofContinuing Education must also propose a constructive reform policy to mobilize the enthusiasm ofalltheSchool’sfacultymembers.

This investigationhelped theSchoolfurther clarify its development ideas and clarify the focus and direction of its work. Next, in accordance with the spirit of this meeting, theSchoolrevised and improved thedevelopment plan in"14th Five-Year"periodto make it a truly guiding and programmatic document.The School ofContinuing Education will also give full play to its own characteristics, improve the quality of theSchool, and contribute to the improvement of theSchool’ssocial reputation.