The Talent Exchange Service Center of the National Health Commission Visited Our University for Investigation
Tue, Apr 20 2021 17:41 times

On April 14, Fang Jianning, Deputy Director of the Talent Exchange Service Center of the National Health Commission, andhiscolleaguesaccompanied by Gu Hua, Director of the Provincial Medical Science and Technology Education Development Center, came to ouruniversityfor investigation. President Li Lu and Vice President Ye Shiping warmly received Fang Jianning and hiscolleagues, and Vice President Chen Jun accompaniedthe visitorsthroughout theinvestigation.

At the meeting, Gu Hua introduced the purpose of theinvestigation. In order to meet the people's desire for a better life, the state has formulated and implemented theHealthy China 2030Plan. In order to promote the Healthy China strategy, the National Health Commission attaches great importance to the cultivation of medical and nursing personnel; this timethe teammainlycarries outspecial investigations on the career prospects, market demand, education and training of medical care workers.

Chen Jun extended a warm welcome to Jianning and hiscolleagues, and briefly introduced theuniversity’s development history, disciplines and characteristics, focusing on theeducationdirection, theteaching staffandhardware facilitiesof Shulan International MedicalCollege, andtheworking foundation ofthetraining ofthe old-age nursing talentsof ouruniversity.He hoped that under the guidance of the national and provincial health commissions, theuniversitycan give full play to the advantages of the subject platform, human resources, and existing medical talent training experience, to provide medical caretalent cultivationand training services for the society and the medical industry, and make a contribution to the promotion of aHealthy China strategy. Wuchan Zhongda Groupand Huiquan Vocational and TechnicalCollegeintroduced relevant training work respectively.

Fang Jianning expressed his gratitude to ouruniversityfor the warm reception, and expressed his appreciation for theuniversity's interdisciplinary characteristics and medicaltalenttraining platform combining "medicaltreatment,nursing andmanagement". He briefly introduced the origin of the profession of medical caregivers. He believedthat as a new profession, medical caregivers have a large market demand and high professional requirements; but to set up medical caregivers, we must first do a good job in market demand research and top-level designand also need to implement three-level management. For the training of medical nurses, he emphasized the need to ensure the content and quality of the training, andtocarry out vocational skills training for medical nurses from a professional perspective. Finally, he believedthat Zhejiang has a good foundation for the development of the medical service industry, and hopedto carry out training and evaluation of medical and nursing staff in Zhejiang first, so as tomakeexploration foraHealthy China.

After research meeting, the participants visited the Maternal and Child Education Research and Training Center, the First Aid Training Center, and the CSTC Clinical Skills Training Center of theMedicalCollege. Fang Jianning and hiscolleaguesexpressed their appreciation for the advanced teaching and research facilities of ouruniversity.

Chen Zhi,theuniversity’s specially invitedconsultant and Executive Deputy Director of the Academic Committee,Hu Jianwei, the Dean of theSchoolof Continuing Education,andHong Guoyan,the Secretary of thegeneralParty Branch,and theleadersof Shulan International MedicalCollege,Wuchan Zhongda Groupand Huiquan Vocational and TechnicalCollegeparticipated in theinvestigation meeting.