Guan Li
Sun, Aug 15 2021 14:17 times

Profile: Guan Li, studied at School of Jia Yang from 2013 to 2017 before his admission into Zhejiang University of Technology as a graduate student in 2017, graduating in 2020. He was awarded a full PhD scholarship at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in May 2021 and is currently studying at PhD level at Technion. As an undergraduate, he won first prize in the 2016 National Student Advanced Mathematics Competition and was an outstanding graduate of Zhejiang Province. As a postgraduate, he published two SCI papers, three open patents and one granted patent, and obtained the German B2 CEFR certificate.

Alumni Message: Don't complain too much about your current situation, spend a little more time and patience during your four years at ZJSRU, plan your studies wisely, never lose confidence in your future. Don't be easily swayed by incorrect values in society, take more initiatives to communicate with your teachers, stick to your original intention, be practical, and believe that your four years at ZJSRU will become a wonderful memory in your life.

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