College English Final Exams Run on the iTEST Testing Platform
Sun, Jun 27 2021 11:26 times

At the beginning of the semester, ZJSRU’s English Teaching Department decided to upgrade the final exam for the Class of 2020 undergraduates from the traditional paper based exams to computer based exams, using iTEST to conduct the exam online. Compared to traditional exams, computer based exams have many advantages, such as efficiently compiling questions for the exams and marking exam papers; diversification and differentiation of exam contents; fair results; less expenses and protecting the environment by eliminating waste. After the planning stage, all university English teachers actively participated in the construction of the question pool, contributing to its richness and diversity. In May, a university-wide mock test was conducted for Class 2020 undergraduates. Through this mock exam, all teachers and students became familiar with the process of computer based exams, laying the foundation for a smooth final examination. On 27th June, the College English finals took place as scheduled, with the examination room in good order. The multiple sets of alternating test papers, given to students in a indiscriminate manner, effectively eliminated cheating, reduced the burden on invigilators and improved the fairness and impartiality of the examination. In the context of today's Internet+, the implementation of computer based examinations is also a bold attempt to comply with the digitalisation of university English teaching. This experiment has proven the superiority of the computer based examinations, which will be implemented for all College English courses one after another.