School of Jia Yang Hold Graduate English Examination
Fri, Aug 20 2021 11:15 times

In recent years, students of ZJSRU have been enthusiastic about obtaining admission into graduate schools. With the support of the schools and ZJSRU, the 2021 graduate English examination class started on schedule under the organisation of School of Jia Yang. In order to assist students in receiving high grades in these examinations, ZJSRU’s English teaching department has undertaken a relevant course. To excel at English tutoring during this exam, The Department of English Language Teaching started preparing the course early, and carefully designed two courses for the students according to the syllabus of the exam: namely "English for Graduate English Examination 1" and "English for Graduate English Examination 2", designed respectively for professional masters’ degrees and academic masters’ degrees. Both courses closely follow the requirements of the syllabus and provide different strategies according to different types of questions, primarily consisting four parts: Introduction, Reading Comprehension, Translation and Writing. In addition to centralised teaching, online assignments, and discussion-based teaching in WeChat groups. Students have reported good results and benefited greatly from the course. Next, the Department of English Language Teaching will continue to excel in tutoring students for their examinations, contributing to the goal of training advanced applied talents at ZJSRU.

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