Awarding Ceremony of the Honorary Certificates for the Graduating Class of2021 Held at the School of Jia Yang
Wed, Jun 9 2021 11:10 times

On the afternoon of June 9, the awarding ceremony of the honorary certificatesf or the graduating class of 2021 of the School of Jia Yang was held, and the leaders and teachers of the school also attended this ceremony.

At the ceremony, the leaders and teachers commended the students who performed outstandingly in the postgraduate entrance examination, overseas study and science and technology competitions, hoped that the award-winning students would continue to make persistent efforts and work hard, and suggested all graduates learn from the outstanding schoolmates. The leaders attending the ceremony issued honorary certificates to the graduates, congratulated them for their excellent performance, and encouraged every student to strive to make progress at all times.

In his speech, Dean Xu Yueyu summed up the four-year university life of the students inShuren Universitywith "dawn blossoms plucked at dusk,flowers and grasses sprouting in spring,studying hard and enjoying campus life, and chasing dream delightfully”, and wished all the graduates of the year 2021 could sing the alma mater with spirit toovercome obstacles, set sail for dreams, andbecome the best that they can be inthis new era with broad development space.