Good News: Dr. Luo Yun from School of Marxism Won the Second Prize of National University Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Exhibition and Excellent Course View and Emulation
Wed, Dec 1 2021 09:11 times

Zhejiang University Instructors Work Case Competition and Excellent Network Work Competition have been held recently. People, Materials and Love - Psychological Crisis Caused by Bipolar Affective Disorder, the work of Zhou Yi, an instructor of Mingzhe Academy of School of Humanity and Foreign Languages of our university, won the second prize of Zhejiang Case Competition. Better Love: Mao Buyi in Zhejiang Shuren University and His Angel in White, the work of Li Yiwei, an instructor of School of Management, won the first prize of Zhejiang Excellent Network Work Competition.

Relying on Instructor Workstation and Instructor Work Room, the university has always established professional platforms, to improve professional standard by means of topic approval and case research, to promote self-development and comprehensive abilities of instructors, so as to promote integration of work, study and research. The university will further promote instructor work development in an occupational, professional, brand-oriented and featured way, to promote theory innovation, work development, team construction and brand establishment.