Postgraduate Enrollment Work of the Cooperative Education Program of Shulan International Medical College was Successfully Completed
Thu, Apr 14 2022 16:19 times

The enrollment work for the postgraduates of professional degrees with their first choices of the cooperative education program of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and Shulan International Medical College of Zhejiang Shuren University in 2022 has been successfully completed. Shulan International Medical College attached great importance to this enrollment work. The two academicians arrived at the online interview room and attended the interview in person. Four re-examination groups were established according to different subjects, and these re-examination groups organized and arranged the re-examination in a unified manner according to the work plans and requirements on postgraduate admissions of the university and the college.

In 2022, Shulan International Medical College totally recruited 13 postgraduates of professional degrees, including 6 in internal medicine and 7 in surgery. The highest score in the preliminary examination was 386, an increase of 43 scores compared with the same period last year. And there have been examinees with the first choices for internal medicine, surgery and nursing science passing the admission scores this year, and the number of examinees for surgery who have passed the admission scores exceeded the number of new student enrollment for the first time.

In the future, the College will increase its efforts in postgraduate training and discipline construction, assist the university to apply for the masters degree programs, and steadily promote the disciplinary development of the College.