“Artistic” Creation Inspires Beauty;The Fourth Lecture of Rural “Art” Education Series: “Spring Mountains on a Fan”
Mon, Apr 8 2024 11:28 times

Artistic Creation Inspires BeautyThe Fourth Lecture of Rural Art Education Series: Spring Mountains on a Fan

On the morning of March 30, our School of Arts conducted the fourth lecture of the rural “art” education series, with the theme of Qingming, in Shuli Village as scheduled. The instructor for this session was Kong Jiarui from the School of Arts.

The theme of this session is “Spring Mountains on a Fan”. First, Teacher Kong introduced the upcoming Qingming Festival, explaining its origins, food, and customs. “What will everyone do during the Qingming holiday?” “Tomb sweeping.” “Spring outing!” “What scenery will you see along the way?” The children eagerly responded: “Mountains and rivers!” “Swallows, and peach blossoms...” In the lively atmosphere in the classroom, Teacher Kong guided the children to capture the beauty of spring landscapes by hand-drawing, collage, and cutting, and then placing them onto fans.

 This course deepened children's  understanding of the Qingming Festival. Qingming is not only a time to honor ancestors and remember the past, but also a spring ritual for outdoor excursions and getting close to nature. The children expressed their experience of spring through creative activities. Walking in nature, reminiscing, and cherishing memories... May we never forget our roots, maintain a clear mind, and cherish the passing years.