The 2022 Graduation Exhibition of the School of Art Opened
Sat, Jun 4 2022 13:14 times

On the afternoon of May 26th, the 2022 Exhibition of Excellent Graduation Design Works of the School of Art opened at the Art Museum on Gongchenqiao Campus.

Our President Li Lu, Zhang Qing, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Vice President Chen Xinmin, and the leaders from relevant functional departments and schools, as well as teachers and students from the School of Art attended this opening ceremony.

Prof. Zhao Yan, Dean of the School of Art, pointed out that the Graduation Exhibition not only meant students handed in their examination papers to teachers, but also signified the School submitted answer sheets to the whole society. In recent years, the School has introduced teachers from "Double First-Class" universities, such as Zhejiang University, China Academy of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts and Nanjing University of the Arts, to expand teaching teams and improve teaching quality.

Prof. Chen Xinmin, our Vice President, put forward two requirements from the aspect of teaching reform: firstly, it needs to further enlarge the effect of Exhibition and promote aesthetic education, and secondly, he hoped that guests gave more valuable suggestions to promote the quality improvement and upgrading of art education. As being influenced by the epidemic, the Exhibition this year was held online and offline, however, the quantity and quality remained the same. The theme of the Exhibition, “Wisdom Links Future”, reflected the interdisciplinarity and integration between art and other disciplines.

Duan Shenghua, Image Design Instructor of the Graduation Exhibition, highly appreciated the design works and expressed his blessing.

The President Li Lu announced the opening of the Graduation Exhibition. After the opening ceremony, the teachers and students of the School of Art and the guests from our university visited the Exhibition together.

On the Exhibition



Some Exhibits

This Exhibition of Excellent Graduation Design Works of the School of Art covered five majors of the visual communication design, the product and industrial design, the design of film, television and animation, the environment design, and the arts and crafts design.